Power Innovations Int'l Inc.

American Fork,  UT 
United States
  • Booth: 720

UPS manufacturer. Power distribution integrator. Services, installation, maintenance, and more.

Power Innovations International is recognized for high-power, quality solutions in mission-critical applications. Their Q-LS power management line, for example, offers industry-leading power conditioning and uninterruptible power for critical high-power applications. With plug-and-play modular designs ideal for simulation, and on-call experts ready to offer installation services and preventative maintenance, Power Innovations International can take your power distribution needs to the next level.

 Press Releases

  • Power Innovations International ("Pii") is proud to announce our return to I/ITSEC 2023.

    Pii's products power mission-critical applications around the world, including - most notably - backup power for flight simulators and other virtual training use cases. We understand that the military and other industry actors depend on virtual training for reliable, clean power, and we provide conditioned power that does not intrude on your simulation exercises. Our power solutions provide clean, consistent, low-signature power solutions that make a flight simulator look and feel like the real thing.

    "We keep coming back to I/ITSEC, year after year, because we see and understand the need for reliable backup power and power distribution expertise around the industry," notes Pii President Ed Carter. "Even the tiniest power imperfection can ruin a simulation exercise, and we take that responsibility as a power management company incredibly seriously."

    Pii keeps flight simulators running - and much more. We have smart PDUs, modular power management solutions, and multi-function systems that enable you to design your ideal system from the ground up. We also offer installation services for our products, providing you with the expertise you need for your design.

    Contact us at https://powerinnovations.com/contact for more information, and we look forward to seeing you at the show.