Expand Your Brand Awareness and Marketing Efforts with a Sponsorship.  Contact Shannon Burch, CEM at sburch@ntsa.org or Holly Gallier hgallier@ntsa.org.

All Sponsorships At-A-Glance (PDF)

Onsite Sponsorship Brochure (PDF)

Next Big Thing Sponsorships - (PDF)

Cyber Pavilion Sponsorships (PDF)

Stem Sponsorships (PDF)

5K and Additional Sponsorships (PDF)

JOSH Charity - (PDF)

 Sponsorship Agreement (PDF)     

Golf Tournament (PDF)

Top 10 Under 40 (PDF)

Scholarship Sponsorship (PDF)

Advertising Brochure - (PDF)

NEW Registration Sponsor  $30,000 SOLD Exclusive
Lanyards   $30,000 SOLD Exclusive
5K Walk, Roll, Run Race Starting at $500 Various Available  
Attendee Conference Bags $25,000 SOLD Exclusive
Ecalator Clings  $15,000 SOLD
The Next Big Thing $5,000-$10,000 Available
Cyber Pavillion $3,000-$10,000 Available  
Stair Clings  $20,000 SOLD  Exclusive
International Reception $20,000 Available   
International Pavilion  $15,000 SOLD
Mobile App  $12,500 SOLD


Speakers Reception $7,500  Co-Sponsors One Available
JOSH Charity Starting at $500 Available   
Video Walls  Starting at $1500 Limited Availability
I/ITSEC TV  $2,500 Multiple Opportunities
Pocket Guide/Logo Box $3,000 Available
Hanging Lobby Banner $15,000 Available
STEM  starting at $500

Mulitple Opportunities 

Serious Game Showcase starting at $500 Multiple Opportunities

Closing Reception $25,000 exclusive or $12,500 for co-sponsors SOLD 
Hotel Keys- Rosen Centre and Hilton $5,000 each Available
Bridge Signage  $3,500 each Available
Hotel Keys- Hyatt (Host) $10,000 SOLD Exclusive
Executive Dinner $7,500 (Limited) Limited Availability
Executive Dinner Reception $10,000 Available

Shuttle Bus Marketing $4,000 per route 4 Available

Price for bus sponsorship does not include the following costs: Production, materials, taxes, insurance, shipping, installation and removal of graphic signs/headrests. Additional sign production/headrest cost will be quoted upon request.

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Enhance eBooth Listing Options*
- Bronze Listing $295
- Silver Listing $495
- Gold Listing $895
Event Map Logo $495
Event Map Banner Ad $395
Mobile App - Push Notifications $1000 - Limited 

* Enhanced eBooth listings are nonrefundable once purchased.

Additional Sponsorships
Do you have an idea for a sponsorship? We are open to suggestions, please contact Shannon Burch sburch@ntsa.org
 or Holly Gallier hgallier@ntsa.org 
with questions or comments and additional sponsorship suggestions!