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A Square Games & Simulation (ASGS) is a rapid prototyping, technical solutions and content creation firm that specializes in Unity & Unreal development for simulation & training, AR/VR, and the metaverse. Our work type includes subcontracting for DOD & DHS, working on a myriad of projects ranging from VR training applications & AR SAAS platforms to full-featured simulations for integrated emergency response training for mass casualty events.


 Press Releases

  • ORLANDO, Fla. – Development studios have completed a project for the U.S. Marine Corps to create a virtual reality-based training solution for the USMC’s Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV).

    The team of contractors led by VR Training, a Maryland company, joined forces with several Orlando firms – 302 Interactive, Theory Studios, A Square Games and Simulation, and Talon Simulations to deliver both hardware and software that made up the Wave Warrior Driver Training System (DTS).

    The driver training system’s portable VR solution, aptly named Wave Warrior, is training the next generation of U.S. Marines using emerging technology, meeting the soldiers where they are comfortable: in a technology-driven environment that has the familiarity of the games that this generation of soldiers are accustomed to.

    “Video games have evolved over the years and are now fundamental to the way we entertain, socialize, and learn” said Austin Pinzon, A Square Games and Simulations’ Chief Operating Officer. “Using gaming technologies, we can improve users’ concentration and retention by providing an engaging experience.”

    “When you consider the age of recruits both today and throughout history, it has always been our youngest adults that make up the majority of our Warfighter’s personnel,” followed Bobby Torres, 302 Interactive’s Chief Relationship Officer. “Today, that means a generation of soldiers who have been immersed in video games and virtual reality since they were in early education. Many were given a headset early on and are now so comfortable with the devices that they prefer to learn there. That is why we, as a team, pitched the solution to the Corps.”

    The project was enabled through the military’s Other Transaction Authority (OTA), a vehicle that has become more commonly adopted to allow the military the flexibility to work quickly and in a more agile way to protect the Warfighter.

    “The foresight the military had by loosening restrictions in recent years of the OTA path to finding partners has been a real boost for small businesses looking to partner,” Torres said. “As a small business, it enabled us to find a team with the talent to build these solutions and bring them all together to expedite the project.”

    Team members are showing off the Wave Warrior project in Orlando at the end of the month as a part of the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference at the Orange County Convention Center.

    I/ITSEC brings together military leaders and private industry suppliers for a weeklong discussion on the future of the military and its training operations. The team that developed Wave Warrior are exhibiting at I/ITSEC and can be found at booth 3301. Closed door demonstrations may be available upon request at www.wavewarrior.training.


    Founded in 2014, 302 Interactive is an Orlando-based digital media company that brings together interactive design and emerging technologies to help people live playful lives. Their approach applies the principles of game design throughout the product development cycle to create experiences and solutions across areas in wellness, education, healthcare, marketing, and entertainment.


    Based in Orlando, A Square creates immersive game and simulation experiences for entertainment and training. Using their experience with cutting-edge technology, their mission is to solve problems through technical solutions that don’t simply meet the needs but anticipate them. Their past works include first responder training, social augmented reality experiences, attraction design, and Metaverse products.

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