Technical Systems Integrators, Inc.  

Longwood,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 535

Cyber, Simulation, IT - Orchestration & Automation

Technical Systems Integrators, Inc. (TSI), is an Orlando, FL based (36 years) Technology Solutions Provider and Small Business SI.

TSI's core technology provides a COTS orchestration, automation, and virtualization platform for deploying, exercising, and resetting physical or virtual infrastructures (and applications/services - think Lab as a Service).  Our web portal based framework, AgileWARE®, provides an ideal user experience to easily build, deploy, and utilize infrastructures, applications, and services for training, production, and exercises. 

TSI also offers the worlds highest performing network fabric utilizing PCIe as the server to server transport eliminating levels of translation and bottlenecks.

Want to automate your Cyber Range?  CRaaS®!

Brands: Quali, GigaIO, Keysight IXIA, Polatis, Tintri Storage, Lepton, Scythe, GL Comm, TSI Professional Services


  • AgileWARE Test Automation Platform
    TSI's AgileWARE combined with industry leading test tools from Keysight and Eggplant allow you too automate your lab and other testing to provide faster results, higher quality, and full documentation. Check us out in booth 535....

  • TSI's AgileWARE, based on Quali’s CloudShell technology is a software framework for the orchestration, provisioning, and automation of essentially any network centric infrastructure and specifically for what we are calling 'cloud sandboxes'.  Essentially a cloud sandbox is offered from a Lab as a Service environment (think web portal with topology offerings and immediate spin up of infrastructure, OS, and applications) where we provide a personal replica of either a production or user environment.  These environments can then be used for development, demos, test, training, support, and other network centric operations.  For example - creation, deployment, then sanitization of a cyber range infrastructure.

    AgileWARE® - Agile Workflow and Resource Enablement (Powered by Quali) from TSI

    • Core Strengths
      • Single pane of glass web interface for users and developers
      • Integrated automation engine – unparalleled in the industry
      • Seamless integration between infrastructure and workflows
      • Full Python API for communication, control, and data transfer
      • Complete Work from Home/Work Remote functionality
        • Layer 1 and 2 switch support for remote reconfiguration of the network
      • Save and Restore of both virtual and physical environments for complex exercises or as ‘start up’ provisioning
      • Enterprise ready with regard to scaling (supports thousands of users with security - SSO, SAML, TLS)
    • Asset agnostic
      • Physical or virtual – this is especially important for the ICS market where VMs are scarce
        • Allows choice of multiple vendors or VMs for every requirement
          • Traffic, Malware, Firewalls, Analytics, Red/Blue/Purple Team exercises, etc..
      • Legacy, Present, or Future – AgileWARE is designed to consume any resource which has a communication method, API, or GUI
      • Any cloud or hypervisor supported for overflow or infrastructure change requirements
        • Critical for growth or surge events
    • Workflow agnostic
      • As with infrastructure assets, AgileWARE can utilize and control all applications
      • Provides a centralized, standardized database for data collection and correlation
      • Example: Cyber Training or Exercise Content
        • Allows the Range owner to either buy or build content or both
          • Easily add new technologies and attacks
          • Allows different levels of classroom training and exercises
          • Performance and assessment can be added as required
        • AgileWARE Cyber Range as a Service® (CRaaS) is currently being populated with 400+ labs from CYBRStronger – a leader in Cyber training
    • Unequaled logistics and system awareness (Business Intelligence and Scheduling)
      • Complete data retention of every activity with built in drop and drag dashboards
        • Easy button for auditing and identifying problem or success areas
        • Provides usage metrics and cost tracking
      • Built in Range, Resource, and Workflow scheduling
        • Hourly, daily, weekly, or recurring reserving of infrastructure and applications
        • Automatic conflict resolution for scheduling optimization
        • Additional data to add to Business Intelligence reviews
      • Built in instruction and help pane with the ability to swap out LMS as needed or desired
  • Ridgeback Network Cyber Defense
    Ridgeback Software uses deterministic, real-time methods to:<br /> * Enumerate live assets/dark IPs<br /> * Watch live-to-live and live-to dark communications<br /> * Expose issues and auto enforce acceptable-use<br /> *Auto engage, disrupt, and impair intruders...

  • Ridgeback - what it does:

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