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Talon Simulations offers engineering, integration, and life cycle management of XR simulators

Located in Orlando, FL, Talon Simulations is a small business specializing in reducing the risk of implementing XR technologies into vehicle training systems. Talon's primary services include engineering, assembly, quality control, installation, and life cycle management.   Their Talon Strike XR Vehicle Simulator Platform is modular training system that is reconfigurable for various land, air, sea, and space cockpits. See the system in the action here: https://youtu.be/JoBKd7QXmno

 Press Releases

  • U.S. Marine Corps awards vehicle simulator Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) to Stelex LLC, dba VR Training and Team of Orlando, Florida Small Businesses

    ORLANDO, Fla. – VR Training has received an award through the Consortium Management Group, Inc., on behalf of Consortium for Command, Control and Communication in Cyberspace (C5) for the first increment of a multi-phase Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) for a ground-breaking, cutting-edge vehicle simulator that will keep Marines safe to a team of companies led by VR Training and includes 302 Interactive and Talon Simulations. The OTA calls for the creation, building and implementation of a mixed-reality based training module that prepares soldiers for real-world operation of the military’s new Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV). 

    The OTA was announced in a request for white papers to address the urgent training needs of the ACV drive training school. “In the ACV, training will be top of mind,” VR Training CEO & Founder Neil Levin said. “We respect the speed at which they want to implement new training for today’s digitally raised Marine. Mixed reality can literally save lives. I’m thrilled that the Corps is forward-thinking enough to use MR as a tool to keep soldiers safe.”

    Under the agreement, the team will create two configurations of its mixed reality trainer for the U.S. Marines, with the understanding that a follow-on contract or agreement could be forthcoming to build the solution. “The safety of the men and women of our military has long been one of the most important aspects of national defense,” 302 Interactive CRO Robert Torres said. “The military’s adoption of next-generation technologies through this project and others will enhance that effort.”

    The final product will consist of a mixed-reality headset, training modules that can be led by expert instructors and a motion-based chair built by Talon Simulations.  “When we launched Talon Simulations, we knew we wanted to affect the industries we work with in a positive way,” said Talon Simulations CEO Brandon Slater Naids, whose company has had its VR simulators used in military training solutions as well as entertainment-related venues. “Seeing that our technology will be used to help train the next generation of U.S. Marines represents yet another goal reached. We take pride in our work every day and can’t say enough about how fortunate we are to be in a position to help save soldiers’ lives through this training.”

    VR Training is based in Baltimore, Md., while 302 Interactive and Talon Simulations are both based in Orlando, Fla., a hub of military simulation and training. The city hosts the world’s largest industry trade show, I/ITSEC, at the Orange County Convention Center every year.


    Founded by Neil Levin in 2019, the Baltimore-based company specializes in XR technologies that drive development of sophisticated training systems that are portable, efficient, scalable and trackable. The company works primarily with the Department of Defense, having built innovative XR vehicle training simulators. Neil has worked on numerous Phase I & II SBIR contracts that involved XR for the U.S. Air Force and OTA contracts for the U.S. Marines. In 2022, the company built a full-motion, B-52 simulator that trains pilots in mid-air refueling. 


    Orlando-based Talon Simulations specializes in reducing risk of implementing XR technology into vehicle simulators for entertainment centers and training institutes. Talon’s simulators combine high-quality VR, head mounted displays and responsive motion platforms at an affordable price point.


    Founded in 2014, 302 Interactive is an Orlando tech company that uses innovative design, development and emerging technologies to make the world a more playful place. Their approach stems from a belief that innovation and product-development skills once primarily seen within the gaming community can now be used to create innovative solutions for various industries, including military, entertainment and health. The approach is encapsulated by its “Everyday Play” campaign.


    Consortium Management Group, Inc. (CMG), is a nonprofit corporation created to serve as a highly responsive, transparent and accountable consortium manager. CMG consortia are composed of leading companies, academic institutions and other organizations with recognized and leading expertise in the respective mission areas to form an enterprise that the Government can access directly through a single, flexible, long-term acquisition instrument. In doing so, CMG fulfills its mission of accelerating the deployment of technologies to the Warfighter and the nation in a manner consistent with the goals established by Congress for a streamlined acquisition alternative. The result is a reduction in the Government’s procurement costs, in both dollars and time. And, in the process, CMG has built a broad understanding of the technology landscape as it relates to current and future DoD capability needs. 


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