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Guardiaris’ 16-year heritage of virtual simulation and training solutions is adopted by armies worldwide. We offer defense digital twins as simulators: shoulder-launched anti-tank, UAV/UGV, RWS, vehicles, MBT, FO. Guardiaris simulation environment supports tactical training, providing scenario and terrain development, 4D AAR with performance analytics, and trainees’ insights into stress and cognitive load levels, based on physiological sensing (eye tracking, fNIRS, EEG, ECG, GSR, SpO2).

 Press Releases

  • Slovenian hi-tech company Guardiaris unveils a new generation of the revolutionary Small Arms Mobile Trainer, SAMT™ featuring LED wall. SAMT™ is a highly customizable laserless, mobile system that can incorporate small arms, anti-tank weapons, military vehicles, and remote weapon stations. The solution enables comprehensive training on the individual or squad level in a highly realistic synthetic environment with the ultimate freedom of movement.

    Revolutionary plug-and-play training system provides unparalleled training experience. Thanks to easily stackable LED screens that form the LED wall, the training area becomes easily expandable, and training truly unlimited and diverse. The system allows simultaneous training of vast number of soldiers dispersed around multiple, possibly dislocated units. Therefore, multiple SAMT™ systems networked together provide comprehensive marksmanship and tactical training in one common scenario. This new level of system networking enables you to move training grounds to any facility without quality or diversity sacrifices, unlocking brand-new constellations of training and significant enhancement of troop readiness.

    Unparalleled technology.

    SAMT™ system runs on laserless technology, enabled by the patented SAS module. Mounted on the picatinny rail or installed inside of any modified real weapon or weapon replica, the SAS module ensures any weapon type or device can be used in the SAMT™. Furthermore, the SAS module supports precise After-Action Review by gathering real-time information and provides a comprehensive post-training analysis at the individual or squad level. It calculates and displays customizable key performance indicators, such as weapon handling performance in 6 DoF, exact ballistics for all weapon types, trigger and shot accuracy, soldier position and stance, physiological sensing and even cognitive responses, biometrics, and visual feedback.

    Scientific approach to learning.

    In today's complex and dynamic military landscape, a soldier's mental strength and adaptability are invaluable assets, contributing significantly to mission success.

    While physical strength, discipline, and technical skills are undoubtedly crucial, a soldier's mental capacity is the foundation that enables them to excel in challenging and high-stress environments. Guardiaris training solutions are soldier-oriented and provide them with a scientific approach to learning. Evidence-based learning and decision-making drive continuous refinement of tactics, strategies, and techniques. Guardiaris cut-edge technology and powerful training platform provide the optimum training ground for success of new-gen warriors.

    Guardiaris will showcase the brand-new SAMT™ system at I/ITSEC 2023 in Orlando, Florida, Nov. 27th–Dec. 1st (Booth 3119).