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BRINGING THE DATA REVOLUTION TO TRAINING AND TALENT MANAGEMENT. Eduworks provides AI and ML-powered human performance analytics for customers including the DoD, Government, and major industries. Our products apply ML and large language models to areas ranging from intelligent tutors to talent management. Our technologies create force multipliers that enhance organizations, accelerate learning, and enable teams to achieve the mission more efficiently and effectively.

Brands: TIDES, CaSS, PeBL Pro

 Press Releases

  • Corvallis - ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization, has advocated Competency-based training and assessment (CBTA) and expanded training requirements across the industry to improve safety. As the industry evolves, so do the demands on its workforce. The demand for aviation personnel has accelerated, with over two million people expected to join the workforce in the next 20 years. This has skyrocketed demand for pilot training and created bottlenecks in the existing pilot training pipeline.

    To help aviation companies keep up with these changes and stay ahead of the curve, Eduworks Corporation has developed TIDES (Tools for the Instructional Design of Engineered Systems), a platform that provides cost-effective, efficient, and customized training solutions. TIDES, developed by a team of experts in the aviation industry, uses a proven methodology to enhance reporting, enable competency-based training, and consolidate data into one system. This approach ensures that training is tailored to the unique needs of each individual and organization while significantly reducing the time to update and align training.

    “Our product is designed to help aviation companies optimize their training programs,” said Elliot Robson, CEO of Eduworks. “We know that every organization has its own unique challenges, goals, and definition of success. TIDES is tailored to help our customers build out competency-based training at all levels of the aviation stack, from maintenance to pilots.”

    TIDES automates the training needs analysis process, automatically updating requirements as regulations change, completely removing complex Excel sheets and manual labor required to maintain regulatory standards. “We believe that our product will help aviation companies stay ahead of the curve,” said Riko Yap, Director of Aviation and Aerospace. "Our pilot customers are excited about TIDES truly enabling Competency Based Training. Through connecting instrumented data from simulators, CBT, instructor assessments, and more, TIDES improves training effectiveness, helps fill skill gaps, and improves retention.

    We are actively licensing TIDES to aviation and aerospace organizations. To schedule a demo, please email