SimCentric Technologies

Newcastle,  New South Wales 
  • Booth: 1580

Live fire range safety/fratricide mitigation, Joint Fires & Optimised UnReal Engine Training Systems

SAF-FORESIGHT: Live Fire Range Safety / Fratricide Mitigation software collaboratively developed and procured by the Australian Army

SAF-TAC SOLO: Self-Paced UnReal Engine VR / LMS enabled military skills trainer with automated instructor and data collation.

SAF-TAC: UnReal Engine Collective Tactical Infantry Trainer enabling dynamic environments, unchoreographed training events & objective review leveraging commercial gaming platforms. 

SAF-FIRES: Standards Based Joint Fires procedural trainer (surface and aerial) - multiple simultaneous synthetic environments.

Brands: SAF-FORESIGHT: Live Fire Range Fratricide Mitigation SAF-TAC SOLO: Self-Paced Automated Instructor VR learning SAF-TAC: Portable, VR Collective Tactics Trainer SAF-FIRES: Standards-based Joint Fires