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We're #ECSProud to share our enhanced global training technologies and programs at Booth 1829!

An award-winning technology firm celebrating 25 years in business, ECS is a trusted provider of innovative training solutions for military service members and frontline workers. Headquartered in Orlando, FL with offices in Huntsville, AL and San Antonio, TX, ECS integrates custom, comprehensive learning solutions to make realistic, immersive, learning solutions for combat, aviation, medical, and logistics teams in any live or virtual environment. We're more than our history and more than ready for the future. Visit Booth 1829 for a demo of these transformational solutions. 

Brands: Haptics-Enhanced VR Training for CUF CH-47F Block II Cargo Helicopter Training Suite Advanced Haptics Burn Care – VR Escharotomy Immersive Empathy Trainer for Frontline Workers

 Press Releases

  • Engineering & Computer Simulations Delivers Software Suite which Acts as the Basis of Digital Twin Software for CH-47F Block II Cargo Helicopter Training

    Developed for the U.S. Army Project Manager – Cargo, this suite of customized learning products and training tools, strengthens Soldiers’ technical proficiency

    November 21, 2022 – (Huntsville, AL): Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS) has enhanced its software suite of adaptive, customized learning products and training tools in support of the U.S Army Program Executive Office – Aviation (PEO Aviation) for its Project Manager Cargo (PM Cargo) CH-47F Block II Training Program. Conceptualized and designed by ECS to provide optimal performance, lowest cost of ownership, and maximum return on investment, this upgraded software suite features a high-fidelity immersive environment that encourages critical thinking and targets the individual user’s learning style and level of knowledge. The one-to-one digital representation of the CH-47F Block II serves as the foundation for a digital twin. Nathan Ginos, Vice President of Development, is leading the project from ECS Huntsville while working closely with the entire ECS team.

    Ginos explains: “This software suite provides a virtual visual copy of the CH-47F Block II cockpit that looks exactly like its real-world counterpart. The level of fidelity and accuracy of the full 3d model serves as the foundation for potential future work simulating performance and subsystems, which would make it a fully realized digital twin.”

    The team’s objective was to provide our Soldiers with comprehensive and engaging technical training while strengthening job proficiency and enhancing mission success. The software suite includes the following components:

    • computer-based training for rated crewmembers and non-rated crewmembers, including Army aircraft electricians (15F), Army CH-47 helicopter repairers (15U), Army avionic mechanics (15N), and Army aircraft powertrain repairers (15D)
    • 3D interactive preflight instructor tool
    • cockpit desktop trainer, developed in partnership with SAIC, the trainer features the current CH-47F and CH-47F Block II avionics software (CAAS) with a desktop and touch panel control interface

    The suite offers a first-person perspective in a high-fidelity 3D immersive environment and is available on multi-platform delivery on Windows Standalone, WebGL, and mobile. In addition, the ECS team delivered numerous computer-based training lessons, covering 39 Terminal Learning Objectives (TLO) and 93 Learning Step/Activities (LSA).

    Waymon Armstrong, ECS CEO, adds: “Our team has been supporting military aviation teams for more than 25 years and we are proud to ensure that Army Aviation teams continue to perform at maximum efficiency in order to execute successful missions. This software suite provides a range of capabilities that is nearing a digital twin capability. We are working with our PEO Aviation customer to realize that vision.”

    ECS has been developing interactive aviation maintenance training programs and tools for PM Cargo since 2017. During development, the team used the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE) process to maximize training effectiveness.

    ECS will demonstrate this software suite in Booth 1829 at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando, FL from November 28 to December 1. 

    Engineering & Computer Simulations Upgrades Logistics Training Applications 

    for U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Operations School

    ECS awarded follow-on order to continue work to enhance training for Airmen

    November 21, 2022: Orlando, FL – Mick Golson, president of Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS), announced that the firm has been awarded a follow-on order to continue its work with the U.S. Air Force (AF) to modernize and advance the use of innovation and emerging educational technologies for its training programs at the Expeditionary Operations School (EOS) at the Joint Base Dix-McGuire-Lakehurst in New Jersey. ECS has worked with the EOS since 2019 to develop new applications, courseware, and simulation that directly support the AF’s combat support mission in the full range of expeditionary operations and allow Airmen to safely prepare for in-garrison and deployment operations. Enhanced modernizations include deployment planning, logistics readiness, air transportation, maintenance, and command and control. Teresa Sewell, ECS Vice President of Operations/Project Management Office (PMO) oversees the EOS project.

    Golson says: “We are proud to provide critical support for the EOS in their efforts to modernize and advance the use of innovation and emerging educational technologies in the development of their logistics training programs. While our objective is to develop relevant equipment and simulated environments that mirror real-life situations in an academic environment, our priority is to help prepare our Airmen to remain safe and unharmed in hazardous conditions.”

    Through its EOS contract, ECS is developing animated models of aviation equipment and logistics environments that mirror real-world operations in the academic environment. Utilizing the latest technology and equipment integrated into the simulators, the ECS team will continue to maintain, upgrade, and strengthen the capabilities through constant communication with the EOS. Specific projects include the Aerial Port Expeditor, Installation Deployment Officer, Air Mobility Command & Control, Pallet Build-Up, Air Terminal Operations Center, Passenger Service, Unit Deployment Manager, Aviation Resource Management, Joint Inspection simulators, Center-of-Balance and Cargo Restraint applications, and a Customer Service course.

    Sewell adds: “These EOS projects are primarily centered around operations within the military logistics community; however, as these capabilities continue to evolve in the logistics and aviation industries, we are demonstrating how these types of immersive training tools can be used in practically any industry.”

    Engineering & Computer Simulations Awarded a BAA Applied Research Contract

    for the Modular Medical Environment Testbed in Support of the U.S. Army CCDC-SC

    Research serves as a testbed for integration of combat medicine training solutions and platforms,

    focusing on existing and emerging technology trends

    November 21, 2022 - (Orlando, FL) – Mick Golson, president of Engineering & Computer Simulations, Inc. (ECS), announced that the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center (CCDC-SC) has awarded ECS a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) contract for “Basic and Applied Research to Setup and Operate the Modular Medical Environment (MME) Testbed.” This three-year project is part of the Army’s Synthetic Training Environment (STE) and serves as a testbed for integration of combat medicine training solutions and platforms, focusing on existing as well as emerging technology trends. Shane Taber, ECS Chief Officer of Technology; Nathan Ginos, ECS Vice President of Development; and Madison Quinn, ECS Research Analyst, will lead the project for ECS.

    Ginos explains: “This ambitious project is intended as an iterative process for rapid prototyping and testing, to inform decisions more quickly for what the Army should (or should not) pursue in these emerging technologies. This is a joint effort between our team and CCDC-SC on staying on the leading edge of technology while also making sure that our Soldiers have the best medical training we can provide.”

    STE MME’s vision is to revolutionize Army training by merging live, virtual, constructive and gaming platforms into an interoperable training experience that provides real-life immersion for combat training. The MME serves as a testbed for integration of combat medicine training solutions and platforms, focusing on existing and emerging technology trends.

    Taber adds: “This is an exciting and truly unique research project that enables us to work collaboratively with the customer to actively identify and pursue cutting-edge technology, then test it for applicability to military medical training. What makes this project special is how the Army is investing in innovation and embracing agile methodologies to rapidly find solutions to problems, test them, and use those findings to inform their Army’s decisions of where to invest additional effort and applied research.”

    ECS has partnered with SIMETRI, Inc. for this project. Together, they are working with other vendors, integrators, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Future work is planned to evaluate medical part-task trainers, physiology models, tissue characterization, haptic technology, and virtual simulations to investigate both user acceptance and learning transfer.

    Ed Stadler, SIMETRI VP of Engineering, states: “MME provides a significant opportunity to not only explore mix modality medical training solutions but also include STE as part of the initial architecture, greatly reducing integration time and giving us the perfect data-driven environment to compare competing and evolving technologies. This project will develop and integrate multiple complex tech solutions and has the potential to drastically elevate individual and small teams medical training while providing essential hooks for STE integration.”

    About ECS

    ECS is an award-winning global training and technology solutions company, headquartered in Orlando, Florida with operations in Huntsville, Alabama and San Antonio, Texas. An industry innovator with a vast portfolio of training programs, ECS is a trusted provider of training, maintaining, and sustaining military service members and frontline workers around the world.