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We welcome you to Booth #717 at I/ITSEC ‎‎2022.‎

Britannica Knowledge Systems provides a comprehensive integrated training and readiness management solution for defense, emergency services, security forces, civil aviation, and corporate training management. The flagship product, Fox, is an innovative web-based training management system that optimizes the training, scheduling and operational readiness of complex global training organizations. Fox oversees the use of costly resources, simplifies complex scheduling tasks, and manages the complete lifecycle of qualification training.

Brands: The AI-based Fox Training & Readiness Management System


The Fox TMS Enhances VR Performance
Fox for Defense Training

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  • Britannica Knowledge Systems Collaborates with Aptima to Develop AI-Based Adaptive Training for the US Air Force 


    Britannica Knowledge Systems, the leader in training and readiness management solutions, is pleased to announce at I/ITSEC a new initiative with Aptima, a front-runner in optimizing human performance in mission-critical settings. This collaboration exploits AI to improve training outcomes for the US Air Force, enabling more efficient and effective training programs. 

    The USAF’s standards require preeminently-trained pilots who can effectively complete their missions in highly-challenging circumstances. Training and qualifying pilots for these assignments requires costly resources, comprising expert trainers, and physical resources such as simulators and live flights. The USAF has adopted the most advanced technological solutions to attain Proficiency-Based Training (PBT) that emphasizes quality and ensures maximal readiness. 

    To support this effort, Aptima’s precision training and on-the-job augmentation capabilities are integrated with Britannica’s Fox automating scheduling functionality to enable personalization of the training process, so that pilots can focus on the skills that require additional practice, and limit the number of sessions for skills that they have already mastered. Pilots in the USAF can now benefit from an individualized training program, based not only on their own performance, but also in comparison to the historical performance derived from analytics collected from pilots for several years. These adaptive training and scheduling programs enable the USAF to qualify pilots faster and far more efficiently than with traditional training methods.  

    “Our collaboration with Aptima is a prime example of how Britannica is utilizing the most advanced technology to enable the most effective, personalized training solutions,” said Miki Ringlehim, VP Sales at Britannica Knowledge Systems. “Fox’s Adaptive Scheduling enables more efficient training programs which can result in significant savings of costly human and physical resources.” 

    The fusion of Britannica’s advanced training solution and Aptima’s performance augmentation enables the US Air Force to achieve optimal readiness and performance in the briefest time span, with AI-based learning and qualification processes and methodologies. 

    Originally published by the Halldale Group. 

  • Britannica Knowledge Systems Enhances ‎Performance & Learning with VR ‎Integrations from DiSTI & VTR

    Training organizations can achieve better learning outcomes with immersive Virtual Reality (VR) training scenarios. New standalone wireless headsets have made VR headset technology less expensive and easier to consume. However, connecting the students to the training on the headsets can be challenging at an organizational level.

    Britannica Knowledge Systems has recently completed a Proof of Concept with DiSTI and VTR. The integrated solution links the Fox training management system with VTR’s virtual reality platform, FlightDeckToGo, using DiSTI’s Schoolhouse, a managed virtual training solution. This integration allows students to train on any headset in their possession and automates the recording of performance results captured during the VR-based training session.

    Since trainees have been shown to maintain enhanced situational awareness, improved skill performance, and retention and recall after training in 3-D environments, Fox’s new integrations will enable training organizations to promote higher engagement through interactive training and raise the efficacy of their skills with these leading-edge VR capabilities.

    The Fox Training Management System is a comprehensive, proven solution that maximizes training operations for military and civil aviation training organizations. The system efficiently manages all types of training activities, including ground, flight, and simulators, and now incorporates VR and AR devices management. Fox seamlessly integrates performance and evaluation records from all sources, including tests, courseware, attendance, SIM evaluations, and VR devices, into each trainee’s personnel file, offering a complete view of performance.

    VTR’s FlightDeckToGo provides pilots with immersive, completely portable virtual flight decks, so that VR training is easy to implement and doesn’t have to rely on costly simulators. VTR’s virtual reality platform enables kinetic learning, which allows much-improved retention of knowledge. DiSTI’s Schoolhouse provides the scalable link between Learning Management Systems and multiple deployment options beyond traditional computer-based training. Fox uses industry standards to incorporate DiSTI’s and VTR’s technology into its training management system.

    Fox centralizes all trainee performance records, scheduling, resource management, evaluation, and learning activities and then optimizes the training operations. VR expands these capabilities with more effective, kinetic training activities, enabling improved situational awareness and longer knowledge retention – improving efficiency and shortening training time, further reducing costs. Discover more about this innovative technology at I/ITSEC, Britannica Knowledge System’s Booth 717, Nov 28-Dec 2.

    About VTR

    Visionary Training Resources, VTR, is a virtual reality software design company. VTR has developed a modern, remote learning alternative to traditional pilot training which is branded FlightDeckToGo. This technology empowers pilots to perfect flows, procedures, and checklists prior to beginning full-motion simulator training. VTR’s pilot training results in a quicker path to proficiency, higher retention rates, and lower retrain rates.

    About DiSTI

    DiSTI is the leading provider of both turn-key and customized HMI software and 3D virtual maintenance training solutions for Embedded Target Systems, Desktop, Mobile, VR,  and AR. DiSTI software products and professional services have pioneered the advancement of UIs and virtual maintenance training for Global 500 companies, military organizations, and commercial clientele worldwide.

    About Britannica Knowledge Systems

    Britannica Knowledge Systems provides a comprehensive training management solution for high consequence organizations, where expert training to achieve proficiency are critical, including the military, aviation, security forces, healthcare, and essential financial systems. The flagship product, Fox, is an innovative web-based training management system that optimizes the training operations, comprising scheduling and operational readiness of complex global training organizations. Fox oversees the use of costly resources, simplifies complex scheduling tasks, and manages the complete lifecycle of qualification training.

    Published by the Halldale Group


  • Britannica's Fox for Military & Defense
    Fox manages complex mission training for both units and individuals, increasing efficiency and organizational flexibility....

  • Fox helps miltary defense training organizations manage complex mission training through:

    • Optimizing scheduling, resource allocation, qualification and workflow management
    • Establishing and overseeing force-wide training policies and standards (top-to-bottom approach)
    • Supporting all role and unit-based training development, delivery and record-management (bottom-up approach)
    • Enabling offline remote learning and grading in the field via Fox’s mobile app
    • Managing individual trainee professional development throughout their entire service
    • Generating long and short-term training plans based on “what-if" simulations, alternative and budget analysis, bottleneck forecasting and workload balancing
    • Accessing real-time data on operational readiness for informed decision making via data visualization
    • Securely sharing data with other force systems, assuring accuracy and avoiding repetitive data entry into multiple systems
  • Britannica's Fox for Security Forces
    Fox enables security forces to respond quickly to dynamic and challenging training requirements, while ensuring outstanding quality....

  • Fox enables security forces to respond quickly to dynamic training requirements, while ensuring outstanding quality by:

    • Maintaining a situational overview (COP) of unit and individual readiness
    • Defining job tasks and skills at various levels and use that information to build training programs
    • Identifying real-time strengths, weaknesses – continuously measure training gaps against learning objectives
    • Facilitating performance improvement via briefing and debriefing tools
    • Generating training reports and records to satisfy legal and compliance requirements, and minimize litigation risk
    • Managing the complete lifecycle of qualification training
  • Britannica's Fox for Emergency Services
    Fox is an all-in-one centralized training platform managing situational awareness, training delivery, performance evaluation, qualification management, training scheduling, resource management, and analytics....

  • With more than 30 years of experience in providing comprehensive training and readiness management solutions, Britannica Knowledge Systems offers Fox, the training management system that enables situational awareness, training delivery, performance evaluation, qualification management, training scheduling, resource management, and analytics, all in one centralized platform.

    Fox comprehensively manages your readiness training operation, delivering:

    • Increased situational awareness
    • Assured regulatory compliance 
    • Advanced recordkeeping and reporting
    • Qualification training program development tools
    • Scheduling and resource optimization
    • Qualification and refresher training 
    • Streamlined and standardized processes

    Fox is operationally proven and recognized as the leading solution for training and readiness management by air medical, search and rescue, and aerial fire-fighting units and training organizations. These organizations include the Canadian fixed-wing search and rescue C295W squadron, Canadian maritime helicopter squadrons, Pacific Sky Training center (CL-215, CL-415), and military search and rescue units.

    Fox is also the system of choice for leading Part 135 and Part 121 operators, Aircraft OEMs, operational units, and training services providers, such as the USAF, Boeing, CAE, United Airlines, American Airlines, NetJets, Wizz Air, All Nippon Airways, and Patria.

  • Britannica Knowledge Systems' Fox for Aerospace
    Fox manages mission training and compliance with industry quality and safety standards...

  • Fox manages mission training and controls compliance with industry quality and safety standards (such as AS 9100) through:

    • Managing mission-critical, highly regulated individual and group training
    • Standardizing and automating training processes across departments, locations, subsidiaries etc.
    • Accelerating time to competence and increase learning effectiveness
    • Simplifying complex scheduling and resource allocation tasks
    • Standardizing performance and knowledge assessment
    • Enabling offline remote learning and grading in the field via Fox’s mobile app
    • Improving satisfaction and quality of life for trainers and trainees

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