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Havre de Grace,  MD 
United States
  • Booth: 3161

Welcome to Ad hoc Research!

DarkStax™ is a multi-purpose platform that provides a synthetic cyberspace environment, predictive threat detection, and autonomous actions powered by AI.

Cyber Range - DarkStax™ emulates high-fidelity cyberspace, electronic warfare, and network effects enabling realistic cyber wargaming required for training, testing, and experimentations. Following are the key cyber range features:

Traffic Generator: Our traffic stimulation solution includes stateless, stateful, and user behavior traffic representing blue, red, and grey space.

Digital Twin Provisioning: Our core feature streamlines the provisioning of the digital twin in the cloud or on-premises infrastructure.

Cyber Entity Behavior Modeling: DarkStax™ Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) feature provides the ability to build cyberspace entity behavior models on a canvas.

Data Collection Reduction Analysis – Visualization: Our cyber range solution utilizes Data 2 Decisions analytics framework’s flexible, extensible, and tailorable features to instrument, monitor, and evaluate data.