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Welcome I/ITSEC attendees, we are Ergoneers, providers of the best behavior analysis solutions.

Ergoneers exists to help organizations understand behavior. D-Lab, our data synchronization and analysis platform offers the most robust system for recording any data related to behavior. Integrating data from eye trackers, video, audio, network data, biometric sensors, and more, the system provides flexibility, power, and ease of use with a perpetual license, meaning no required annual renewals. We also offer a number of hardware solutions including eye tracking, biometrics, cameras, video capture, motion capture, and more to ensure a complete solution is available for all types of work. 

Stop by booth 459 to meet our team and discuss your potential needs, our team is ready to help you put together a solution that will provide the fullest view into behavior.

Brands: D-Lab data synchronization and analysis platform, Dikablis Glasses eye tracker, Biometric sensors, motion capture, cognitive workload, mental states, and more.

 Show Specials

  • (Sep 30, 2021)
    Our team will be wearing masks due to Covid but stop by booth 459, we promise there will be a smile under the mask.
  • Stop by booth 459 to discuss your behavioral analysis needs and gain access to this great deal. For any D-Lab license purchased in 2022 we will include a free 2 year Care and Maintenance package valued at between $3,000 and $9,000 per year. The plan includes enhanced user support, meaning our team will train new staff memebers as they begin work, access to all feature enhancements to our software, an additional time based analysis license, and more. After the two years the plan is 100% optional.


  • D-Lab
    D-Lab is the choice to record and analyze behavior data. Combining the most data sources into a single synchronized data set, users save time. The platform combines power, flexibility, and usability to create the best way to understand behavior....

  • D-Lab is a data synchronization and analysis tool for understanding behavior. The system currently integrates eye tracking, video, audio, CAN Bus, biometrics, motion capture, TCP streams, and more in a way that is powerful yet easy to use. Best of all, our software is provided via perpetual licensing, meaning there is never a required annual cost to use the system, only optional enhanced service packages.


    D-Lab provides the power you need to synchronize and analyze your data. The system is actively being used by numerous organizations to collect eye tracking, vehicle data, biometrics, video, GPS, and more from a computer drawing less than 100 watts of power. Other organizations utilize the system for real flight operations with a stream of all data to the ground for observation in real time.


    D-Lab combines hundreds of data sources preintegrated into the platform. If you have other data sources we provide the unique ability for users to easily configure other data sources via TCP stream, all without paying more. The modular structure of the licensing allows for numerous sensors and data sources to be included per module.

    Easy to Use

    The user interface allows free movement, resizing, and full screening of any visualization with a simple drag and drop action. Accessing the raw data, visualizing, or running analysis on everything can be done in a few clicks, including real time streaming of all raw data. While managing millions of data points can be complex, our team of former and current behavior researchers strive to make using the system as easy as possible.

  • Dikablis Eye Tracking and other sensors
    Ergoneers offers hundreds of sensors to ensure users fully understand behavior. Our Dikablis line of eye trackers are the most flexible head mounted eye tracking solutions available. In addition we offer biometric sensors, motion capture, and more....

  • Eye Tracking

    The Dikablis line of eye trackers are available in wired and wireless configurations with both ready made head mounted frames or our Hardware Development Kit, allowing for integration into VR, helmets, and more. The system is the only head mounted eye tracker allowing users to wear their own glasses with the eye tracker, leading to less study bias. Both the pupil cameras and the scene camera are adjustable, meaning we can capture what is being looked at in all situations. Our cameras are also best in class for high contrast and changing lighting conditions so real world situations can still adequately capture gaze. Lastly, Dikablis provides access to all the raw data collected and analysis metrics. Ergoneers can also provide the full line of Tobii screen based eye trackers for when the application demands it.


    Ergoneers offers hundreds of biometric solutions that are plug and play compatible with D-Lab. These include EEG, EMG, GSR, motion capture, pupil based cognitive workload, and more from brands including Emotiv, Enobio, Thought Technologies, Xsens, and more. With too many sensors to list, our team is skilled in assisting organizations in finding the best combination to suit their goals.

    Other solutions

    Ergoneers offers CAN Bus interface solutions from Peak and MobileEye as well as GPS sensors. We also offer a wide range of audio and video solutions to best understand the full situation in which behavior is occurring. Lastly, we offer our Vehicle Testing Kit, a computer for data collection with over 20 data inputs while drawing less than 100 watts of power. This makes the system ideal for data collection in any land, air, or water based vehicle.

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