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Accuracy Under Fire (AUFIRE) reality-based force-on-force and stress inoculation training.

New in 2021, Accuracy Under Fire (AUFIRE) is the next evolution of injury simulation for reality-based force-on-force and stress inoculation training.  AUFIRE uses remote-controlled Electrical Muscle Stimulation (E-Stim), controlled by the instructor, to contract specific muscles on a trainee instantly.  The instructor can simulate an incapacitating injury to the trainee's targeted limbs, completely locking the limb down and making it unusable for as long as the instructor presses the corresponding button on the remote.  Simulate a GSW,  a knife cut, or blunt force trauma. 

Brands: AUFIRE Accuracy Under Fire Injury Simulation Training.

 Press Releases

  • AUFIRE is a new training tool, the first remote-controlled GSW / injury simulator designed to prepare you for your worst-case scenarios.

    AUFIRE training develops and improves one's quick adaptation, decision-making skills, and return-fire accuracy while under real pressure. AUFIRE allows you to practice life-saving tactics while under the very real duress of being hit by gunfire, cut by a knife, or injured by blunt force trauma during dynamic force-on-force training scenarios.

    AUFIRE uses remote-controlled (E-Stim) Electrical Muscle Stimulation, controlled by the instructor, allowing them to contract muscles on the trainee's arms instantly, creating an incapacitating injury to the trainee's limb for as long as the instructor presses the corresponding buttons on the remote.

    AUFIRE will throw a wrench in your tactical spokes; it will force you to practice thinking fast, staying calm, adapting quickly, and responding appropriately and accurately under duress.

    AUFIRE is the best training to prepare for your worst-case scenarios.

    Developed by LAPD veteran Tim Pearce in order to fill the training gaps in reality-based force on force training.  AUFIRE will save lives! 

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