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Visit GBvi at I/ITSEC 2021 for optical blending solutions

GBvi designs and builds multi-channel optical blending solutions for challenging projection environments, with no limit to display size, screen shape or projector count.

We have extensive experience in the field of displays for simulation and training; in aviation, terrestrial and marine applications and in defence and commercial sectors - particularly working with technologies and applications that maximise display dynamic range, enabling continuous operation through bright daylight and dark night scenarios and in all simulated weather conditions.

Brands: Chronos optical blending solutions | Chronos Glass: Chrome Chronos Glass: Greyscale Chronos Film Chronos Foil Chronos Rewind Chronos Cylinder Atlas-4 Projector Mount

 Press Releases

  • GBvi, an industry leader in the development of high performance projector optical blending solutions for out-the-window simulation and training, will be demonstrating a four-channel blended display with Norxe P2 laser projectors, GBvi Atlas-4 Projector Mounts, a GBvi Chronos Rewind blend mask actuation system and the latest generation of GBvi Chronos Glass: Greyscale blend plate technology at I/ITSEC - the world's largest modelling, simulation and training event - in Orlando, Florida, from November 29th to December 3rd.

    GBvi’s Chronos range of optical blending solutions enable display system integrators to achieve an even black level across multi-channel projection displays, realising the maximum dynamic range and enhancing the perception of life-like imagery.

    Chronos Glass: Greyscale

    Chronos Glass: Greyscale is the specialist GBvi optical blend technology that addresses the 4K and 8K class of projection systems where some optical trade-offs are most challenging, particularly with laser-phosphor illumination.

    Qualified for use with LED and laser phosphor projectors, GBvi’s new greyscale technology has been developed in-house to provide blend masks that have genuine “variable density”, opening up new options and combinations of projector and display types. Artifact-free projected throughput is achieved to result in perfect blends and even hot-spot correction in rear-projected display environments.

    Extensive accelerated life-testing has also shown no degradation of the optical behaviour after 20,000 hours of operation.

    Chronos Rewind

    Use of Auto-Alignment (AA) systems for projection display calibration is becoming universal.  While these systems produce excellent results, some benefit from removal of the optical blend masks from the light paths so that unrestricted projected coverage can be sensed.

    Chronos Rewind is our dedicated solution that allows for auto-alignment systems to be integrated alongside our Chronos optical blend masks as part of multi-channel projected displays.

    This process allows for the blend to be retracted from the lens, auto calibration to be completed, and for the blend mask to be returned to its original, correct position.

    Dan Blackham, Operations Director at GBvi, said, “We are excited to be returning to the I/ITSEC show floor with a few new faces, and a new generation of demonstration in partnership with Norxe, Scalable Display Technologies, FlightSafety International and SAVI. We look forward to welcoming delegates to our stand.”

    I/ITSEC 2021 attendees can visit the GBvi demonstration on stand #2415.

    For more information on the Chronos range visit

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