Below are answers to some of the more Frequently Asked Questions regarding booth purchase, exhibit space, and working with the General Service Contractors.  Should you have a question or issue not addressed below, please contact a member of the NTSA Exhibit Staff.


I'm having trouble logging in to "My Account"
Passwords are case-sensitive.  Please ensure alpha characters are capitalized.  If your password is still not working, please check that you are using the correct password -- the exhibitor registration password/website and the exhibits password/website are different. 

How do I update my Update Company/Product Information?
Go to Manage Booths; Click on Edit Booth Information Profile;enter information as appropriate and click Save Profile. Please be sure to also select your product categories at the end of the update, you may select up to 10. (Please note that this must be done for each event that your company participates in with NTSA/NDIA. Company description does not carry over from one show to another.)

How do I change the booth point of contact?
Go to My Profile, enter information as appropriate, click save. If you need to have your password reset, please contact a member of the NTSA Exhibit Staff. 

Will my booth be furnished?
Booths are not furnished, please review the Exhibitor Manual under the Exhibitor Services Tab for order information. All exhibit spaces are required to have floor coverings covering all exposed concrete, no exceptions. 

Who do I contact to get furniture for my booth?
Furniture and carpet can be arranged by Brede Allied Exposition Services. Exhibitor services manual can be found under Exhibitor Services Tab.

Does electricity come with my booth?
No.  You will need to contact OCCC to order electricity, contact information can be found under Exhibitor Services Tab.

Do I have to order carpet?
Yes, you will need to either rent carpet or provide your own type of floor covering.

I'm not able to stay for the full exhibition.  What is NTSA's policy on early break-down?
Our policy is pretty simple: we don't allow early breakdowns.  Some of the reason is that it is a safety issue (with attendees and other exhibitors moving about) and also, attendees have paid a conference registration fee that includes access to the exhibit hall.  We want to ensure their experience is a positive one. Additionally, it's rude to your fellow exhibitors to leave an empty space in the middle of the row.

That being said, we understand that emergencies arise that force you to leave early.  Talk directly with the NTSA Director of Exhibits on site and they can arrange for your exhibit to be dismantled and shipped to your destination upon close of the exhibit hall.  There will be a charge for this service.

I'd like to have my customers come by my booth while we're in town.  Do they need to buy a conference registration?
Guests who want only to view the exhibits may register onsite for an Exhibits Only Registration, Monday will be no charge to those who are in the Modeling & Simulation Industry for a one day pass to the exhibit hall, beyond Monday a fee of $75 will apply. Government attendees will be able to attend at no charge.

If you are a member of the press/media or you are an exhibitor and have questions about the media presence at I/ITSEC. Please contact John Williams at
jwilliams@ndia.org or via cell at 703-362-7005.

We have reserved a booth; how many exhibitor personnel can I have in my booth?

Exhibitor Registration for booth personnel is unlimited, however we ask that you keep it to no more than 4 per 10x10 space.  Exhibitor registration does not include the conference. Please coordinate with your exhibitor booth manager to register staff.

How do I know if this is the right exhibition for my company?
Contact Shannon Burch, Director of Exhibits & Sponsorships sburch@ndia.org.  Not every event offers the right audience for every exhibitor; we will tell you if this isn't right for you. Conversely, if it's a good fit, we'll let you know as well. Our mission is to ensure you have a successful show and return for our following events.

What are the benefits of becoming a corporate member?
One immediate benefit is the discount on the booth space fee you'll enjoy as a corporate member.  For additional benefits, visit the www.trainingsystems.org

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