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TEC Simulation builds a distributed IO system and performs flight simulator avionics upgrades.

Today’s pilots have to contend with a large variety of awareness sensors for storms, traffic, lightning, terrain and flight restrictions.  They must be trained to process such a myriad of data. TEC Simulation  can bring these models to the training world so pilots will best know how to use these tools.

IOBytes data acquisition system is designed specifically for the reduction of cost and discrete wiring while increasing flexibility and signal quality.  With IOBytes one device can produce and receive all the inputs and outputs needed by a display, panel or instrument. 

Brands: IOBytes I/O system, XM weather, GWX-68 weather radar, ADS-B, FIS-B, G1000 and G600 Upgrades, GDL-69, GRS-77, GDC-74A, GDL-88, GTN-650/750, GNS-430W/530W, GMX-200

 Press Releases

  • TAMPA, FL (November 1, 2019) -- TEC Simulation specializes in a revolutionary distributed I/O system, simulated weather sensors and performs flight simulator avionics upgrades.

    Distributed I/O System:

     Our IOBytes data acquisition system is designed specifically for a large reduction of your cost, reduced build time and reduction of space required. It also allows more discrete wiring with increased flexibility and signal quality. Plus since our boxes are Ethernet-based it allows engineers to do much of their setup work at their own desk minimizing valuable shared simulator time, while making managements scheduling much easier. This will allow you to get your products to the marketplace quicker and more profitably. With IOBytes one device can produce and receive all the inputs and outputs needed by a display, panel or instrument. All this while eliminating the need for extra computers, distribution cabinets and the traditional mass of cabling. In fact, our IO box philosophy is one box, one cable and one panel!

    Our design brings down YOUR costs:

    • No More Distribution Cabinets
    • No Need for Rack Mounted IO System
    • No More Outdated/Obsolete parts
    • Replace your Outdated Rack Systems
    • Free up needed space
    • Eliminate costly, bulky and heavy cables
    • Save time, labor and money!

    All this along with:

    • Easier scheduling times
    • More development offline
    • Development done at engineer's desk
    • Less Simulator Down Time
    • Engineers do their work BEFORE getting into Simulators
    • Less fighting for Premium Simulator Time
    • Minimize Sim Time Scheduling headaches!


    • No More Planned Obsolescence
    • Our parts can be easily remanufactured
    • All parts designed and built completely in house
    • Reduced sim build time!

    Learn more at tec-devices.com

    Weather Sensor Systems :

    Do you need to provide comprehensive weather training courses on Garmin avionic displays such as the G1000, G900X, G600 or GTN-7XX? 

    TEC Simulation can provide a variety of weather sensors including:  SiriusXM weather (GDL-69), Weather Radar (GWX-68) and Stormscope (WX-500).

    Our XMSIM-69 is a simulation of the Garmin GDL-69 SiriusXM data link with an Aviator Pro subscription.  These products include:

    • NEXRAD (up to 10 custom storms)
    • METAR - Aviation Routine Weather Report
    • TAF - Terminal Aerodrome Forecast
    • Lightning
    • Winds Aloft
    • Cell Movement
    • TFR - Temporary Flight Restrictions
    • Radar Coverage Map
    • Etc.

    TEC Simulation can integrate these models in to your current simulator and align depictions to match the visual system storm Patterns.

    Our SimGWX is a PC-based weather radar simulator of the Garmin GWX-68 weather radar.  SimGWX uses sophisticated radar model providing highly realistic simulation of weather and real world terrain. 

    Features include :

    • Interfaces directly to Garmin displays via the HSDB (ethernet).
    • Host control for up to 10 storm cells or tap off of visual interface.
    • Storm cell shadow masking with Garmin WATCH indication.
    • Easily customizable storm cells for visual correlation.
    • Stability and stability limitations modeled
    • Sector scan angles of 20, 40, 60 or 90 degrees modeled
    • Real world terrain returns.
    • Storm incursion return to host for aerodynamic and sound effects.
    • Vertical (profile) scanning function for analyzing storm tops
    • Automatic Target Alert indication

    Our SimWX500 is simulation of the L-3 WX500 Stormscope Weather Mapping System.  Teach students to accurately predict storm severity.  During the cumulus stage of a thunderstorm storm cells are usually precipitation-free and weather radar is doesn't show activity.  This stage typically has updraft air current.  While during the dissipating stage weather radar still shows strong returns but the stormscope
    shows little activity.  Typically strong downdrafts can occur.
    SimWX500 features include:

    • Plots simulated lightning strikes in weighted storm pattern
    • Strike rate control for simulating storm cell phases
    • Strike rate indicator details building or dissipating storms
    • Displays lightning in 25, 50, 100 and 200nm ranges
    • Pilot selectable cell and strike modes
    • Strike clear feature
    • 360-degree view, or 120-degree forward looking


    Flight Simulator Avionics Upgrades:

    Don't replace your Simulators .... Upgrade through TEC Simulation!

    Yes, many flight simulators currently is use are getting older. Some are breaking and others need updating to keep current.  However, we offer our products to resolve both of these types of problems so you do not have to replace them. Our engineers can evaluate your current problems and either do the upgrades for you OR we can work with your engineers/technicians and train them how to install our products in your simulators further saving you expenses.


    TEC Simulation offers superiority designed products which will update and simplify your Simulation systems, while SAVING you time, stress, labor, simulator time and money!
    All while allowing you a faster build time allowing you to get your products back in use or first to the Market! Both of which make you more money!

    Check these out at tecsimulation.com


    How long have you been in the Simulation industry ?

    Our founder, Ryan Munson is an engineer with over 20 years in the Simulation industry. TEC was started over 10 years ago and became Simulation specific in 2014.

    Why should I trust doing business with you?
    We have done work with some of the biggest names in the industry. Including partnering with Lockheed Martin and providing hardware for Military contracts.

    How do I know your technology will be around to use in the future if I upgrade now or that it can be replaced in the future if you are no longer in business?
    We make all of our products in house. We don't use any specialty chips.
    Many products used in our industry are over-designed to encompass other industries. Ours are designed specifically for the simulation industry.


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