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Linked together for interoperability, Elbit Systems' training solutions replicate complex combat scenarios for which coordination is crucial to success. Solutions range from individual soldier to Joint Forces training systems using advanced networking capabilities. Elbit Systems’ Live Training solution span across Land, Sea and Air platforms and are integrated into full scale LVC solutions operationally fielded.

Brands: Air & Ground Live Training: Embedded Virtual Avionics, Live Combat Training Sys., Autonomous Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation sys. Air & Ground Mission Training Centers. Augmented Reality


Comprehensive training solutions

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  • SkyBreaker™ is Elbit Systems’ Mission Training Center (MTC), a networked multi-cockpit, mission oriented training center supporting many aircraft types. The MTC provides realistic simulated battlefield training using all aircraft systems and mission scenarios to enhance all levels of pilot training. As a world leader in field-proven training and simulation solutions, Elbit Systems developed SkyBreaker™ to replace actual training flight hours while providing better operational value for each training hour in the MTC.

    Our SkyBreaker™ facility houses a complex networked system designed to provide an entire squadron with the tools to practice modern air combat using SkyScen™, a sophisticated Computer Generated Forces (CGF) solution, in a fully integrated military setting. SkyBreaker™ is based on Elbit Systems' open and modular architecture. Allowing connectivity to both operational and other training systems, it enables full-scale Distributed Mission Training solutions.

    SkyScen™ was developed based on the guidance of pilots with vast operational experience. It is capable of running thousands of entities, using the highest level of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    SkyBreaker™ encompasses all stages of the mission including planning, rehearsal, training and debriefing


  • Embedded Virtual Avioncs (EVA™)
    EVA™ equips fighters, trainers, airlifters & helicopters with leading-edge advanced airborne simulation, to provide maximum training effectiveness and unparalleled cost-efficiency<br />...

  • Revolutionary Aircraft Embedded Training Systems

    Elbit Systems’ suite of Aircraft Embedded Training Systems, including Embedded Virtual Avionics (EVA™) and In-Flight Electronic Warfare Simulator (IFEWS™), equip fighter aircraft, trainer aircraft, transport aircraft and helicopters with leading-edge advanced airborne simulation, to provide maximum training effectiveness and unparalleled cost-efficiency

    Training for

    Embedded Training for Trainer Aircraft

    • Transforms basic/advanced trainer aircraft into 5th Generation virtual fighter aircraft

    • Equips trainer aircraft with the most advanced avionics and tactical training systems

    • High fidelity training for operation of cutting-edge avionics, sensors and weapons

    • Minimal integration effort - packaged as a fully qualified airborne Line Replacement Unit

    • Integrated with Elbit Systems’ TARGO™ helmet-mounted avionics

    • Significant increase in training effectiveness and reduction in hourly training costs

    • Proven solution successfully installed in many of the world’s leading trainer aircraft

    Embedded Training for Fighter Aircraft

    Stimulates real aircraft sensors (RADAR, EW suite etc.) providing a hybrid real and virtual


    • Manages complete virtual scenario comprised of user-defined air, land and naval Computer
    Generated Forces

    • Reduced need for "Red Air" opponents

    • Records the flight providing a complete synchronized reconstruction during post-flight

    • Immerses the air warrior within a truly demanding training experience, in a safe

    • Installed and operational with leading air force, fighter combat aircraft

    Embedded Training for Helicopters

    Ensures helicopter pilots and commanders attain the most comprehensive training

    • Provides extensive sensor simulation including Electronic Warfare suite, Electro-Optic and
    Thermal Imaging systems, RADAR, FLIR, ESM, C4I Systems, Active/Passive Sonar &

    • Provides wide-ranging weapon simulation including Air-to-Surface Missiles, Rockets,
    Torpedoes and Chaff/Flare interaction

    • Simulates legacy and new threat scenarios including laser, IR/EO guided threats and
    guided missiles

    • Integrated with real helicopter systems and sensors, or delivered as a standalone unit
    board the helicopter

    • Installed and operational with international Customers

    Key Benefits

    • Complete embedded simulation suite for all platforms

    • Provides virtual avionics, weapons, sensors and synthetic environment

    • Advanced, customizable, and realistic training experience

    • Advanced post-flight debriefing capabilities

    • Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) capabilities

    • Data link compatible for multi-participant distributed training

    • Maximized operational readiness

    • Packaged in a minimal integration configuration

    • Proven, unmatched cost savings model and Return on Investment (ROI)

    • Infrastructure and logistics-free deployment

    Key Features

    • Complete hardware, LRU or embedded card configurations

    • Core-embedded simulation software

    • User configurable from exercise planning, doctrine definition through to debriefing

    • Simulation software adapted to specific requirements

    • Planning, real-time monitoring and debriefing software and hardware

    • Minimal integration and installation

    • Training to acquire the maximum benefit from the system

    • Built-in growth capability

    • Life cycle support and maintenance

  • Live Combat Training System (LCTS)
    LCTS provides a solution for joint tactical force-on-force<br />live training, offering a realistic, unified, live training environment, fully independent and easily deployable in various terrains without the<br />need for any on-site installation<br />...

  • Live Combat Training System (LCTS)

    Elbit Systems’ Live Combat Training System (LCTS) provides a comprehensive solution for joint tactical force-on-force live training. LCTS offers a realistic, unified, live training environment, fully independent and easily deployable.

    The system enables efficient training in various terrains - including urban areas - without the

    need for any on-site installation.

    The fully integrated training system combines laser suites for dismounted infantry and armored vehicles, independent broadband communication and control center capabilities.

    The utmost in realistic battlefield training

    With true-to-life battlefield conditions, LCTS provides a high-fidelity replication of weapons and tactical engagements. Utilizing a unique combination of innovative technologies and advanced software, LCTS delivers an authentic arena environment.

    System’s components –

    Control Center

    • Advanced management and monitoring tools

    • 2D and 3D display of the combat training area

    • Wide range of simulated weapons, such as mortars, artillery and mines, as well as nuclear,

    biological and chemical events

    • Scalable for up to 10,000 concurrent trainees, based on COTS hardware

    • Interoperability with C4I systems and tactical communications

    Communications Infrastructure

    • Communications system for data, voice and video; supports any IP protocol

    • Single piece of equipment for all player types and controllers

    • Remote software and firmware updates

    • Secure end-to-end data transfer




    Player Unit Training Kit

    • Advanced player unit computer

    • Cutting-edge laser sensors

    • Lightweight, Class I eye-safe multi-purpose laser emitter

    • Audio and video interfaces

    • Component connectivity via wireless PAN

    Vehicle Unit Training Kit

    • Advanced vehicle unit computer

    • Independent wireless sensors, with a 360ק range

    • Ballistic laser emitter

    Urban Training

    • Complete solution for urban training without the need for complex on-site installation

    • Automatic tracking of trainee position in urban areas when GPS is not available

    Technical Information

    LCTS is a live training system providing true-to-life battlefield conditions and a high-fidelity

    replication of weapons and tactical engagements. Designed to provide the utmost in realistic

    battlefield training, the system combines innovative technologies and software resulting in

    an authentic arena environment.

    Major Advantages

    Lightweight eye-safe wireless laser emitters "one emitter approach" and sensors, with minimize

    interface with training and weapon systems

    Common components and interoperability throughout dismounted and mounted systems

    Complete solution for urban training using highly accurate system for soldiers tracking positioning

    Accommodates any training areas and number of trainees

    Cutting edge mobile communication providing data audio and video

    Key Features

    Mobile and stationary control center provides realistic simulation of both direct and indirect

    weapon effects, monitoring and analysis of training exercises

    Weapon effects simulation(WES) utilizes dry or blank shooting; adaptable to any weapon or


    Single laser emitter uses automated software controlled adjustable range (A-SCAR©) mechanism

    Deployable communication system suitable for any area size and any number of trainees

    Umpires acting as observers, controllers or mentors

    Fully autonomous air combat maneuvering instrumentation sys with advanced instrumentation & debriefing capabilities, ensuring optimum utilization of flight hours. EHUD supports an unlimited live participants networked through patented data link protocol....

  • Elbit Systems’ EHUD is a "rangeless" and fully autonomous air combat maneuvering

    instrumentation (AACMI) system. Featuring advanced instrumentation and debriefing

    capabilities, EHUD ensures an optimum utilization of flight hours and other valuable resources.

    EHUD’s unique combination of advanced air-to-air and air-to-ground combat training includes

    features such as real-time kill notification and removal, real-time electronic warfare and

    weapons delivery simulation, and no-drop weapon scoring. The system supports an unlimited

    number of live participants networked through Elbit Systems’ patented data link protocol.

    EHUD has been flying operationally since 1994 and has been delivered to over 17 air forces

    on four continents. To date, over one million flying hours have been logged by more than

    500 airborne pods and over 100 ground debriefing and real-time monitoring stations.

    EHUD is comprised of 3 main unites –

    An airborne pod that interfaces with a standard aircraft weapon station and can be easily transferred from aircraft to aircraft

    A PC-based debriefing ground station that supports the full training process including exercise preparation, real-time monitoring, and advanced debriefing and after action review (AAR)

    An operational real-time tracking and positioning (RTTP) system for accurate real-time ground monitoring and control


    Key Benefits

    • Rangeless training sorties can be flown anywhere

    • Unlimited number of aircraft in training sorties

    • No modifications necessary to host aircraft; pod is transferable from aircraft to aircraft

    • Patented data link allows aircraft to join or leave the network with no need for ground planning

    • Integrated on a wide range of American, European and Russian platforms

    • Can be easily upgraded for additional operational capabilities according to customer specifications

    • Low life-cycle cost and minimal aircraft certification requirements

    • Modular system enabling interoperability and training with additional systems and battle

    space integration

    • Available in fixed and mobile/deployable configuration

    Key Features

    • Real-time air-to-air and air-to-ground weapon delivery simulation

    • Real-time kill notification and removal

    • No-drop weapon scoring

    • Damage assessment simulation

    • Counter-measure simulation (chaff/flare/ECM)

    • Highly accurate GPS/INS navigation

    - In-flight digital audio safety warnings (Mid-air collisions, Ground collisions, Boundary violations, Rule violations)

    - Over 100 flight and safety programmable voice messages

    • Auto-adaptive data link network with high update rates and encryption

    • Advanced debriefing and AAR stations

    • "What-if" hypothesizer tool for advanced debriefing

    • Full VTR/DVR synchronization

    • Mission rehearsal capabilities using sophisticated computer generated forces

    • RTTP system for real-time monitoring, control and data uplink

    • User friendly editors for defining system parameters

  • ARTIST - Augmented Reality Integrated Training Sys
    ARTIST unifies live and virtual training methods that overcome the limitations of live training.<br />An innovative, embedded, hybrid-live virtual training suite for combat vehicles and operators of electro-optic sensors. <br />As REAL as VIRTUAL Gets...

  • ARTIST unifies live and virtual training methods to create

    a training solution that overcomes the limitations of

    live training.

    ARTIST is Elbit Systems’ innovative, embedded, hybrid-live virtual

    training suite for combat vehicles and operators of electro-optic

    sensors. ARTIST stretches the concept of "train as you fight" to its

    limits, presenting the ultimate solution to the restrictions of live

    training, by creating real-life mission-training scenarios that support

    operators of land, air and naval forces.

    As REAL as VIRTUAL Gets

    ARTIST introduces a comprehensive, highly realistic virtual layer composed of entities and effects into the live training platforms.

    This allows the trainee to operate all sensors and systems against an AR-enriched real-world view. The enriched training environment looks, sounds, behaves and reacts as it would in an operational scenario, providing trainees with an all-encompassing training experience.

    Tailored to any combat platform that utilizes electro-optic sensors and systems, ARTIST is operated through various visual displays, such as screens, multi-function displays, helmets and

    heads-up displays. The virtual components are also integrated into other operational devices, including radars, C4Is and more.

    In this comprehensive virtual arena, ARTIST allows operators to train on detection, recognition, identification, fire procedures and protocols, against authentic virtual opposing forces.

    The platform supports coordinated and synchronized, day and night, all-scenario training, from a single vehicle to a combined-arms formation at the platoon or company level.

    Core technologies

    • Embedded training unit based on Elbit Systems’ extensive experience

    • Elbit Systems’ cross-platform, exercise management system and simulation engine

    • Standard military connections and interfaces

    • Image-processing algorithms and terrain enquiries

    • Real-time communication


    • Integrated into the entire operational scheme - electro-optic sensors, displays, radars, C4I, aiming

    and firing, and ballistic simulation

    • Highly accurate behavior, positioning and visualization

    • Complete interaction between real-world and virtual arena

    • Special effects - smoke, explosion, dust and more

    • Mobile or stationary Training Control Center - real-time impact on training scenario

    • Comprehensive debriefing capabilities

    Operational benefits

    • Trains operators on real sensors and systems, confronting them with real-world challenges

    • Creates a live and dynamic training scenario, including moving targets

    • Supports day and night training

    • Reduces training costs, resources and logistics

    • Enhances training efficiency

    • Minimizes safety implications

    • Supports various platforms and forces

    • Enables crew and formation training scenarios

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