There are  different locations for sponsorship opportunities. Contact Shannon Burch, CEM at or Mark Mann to secure your sponsorships. Please review marketing page for alternate opportunities!

For Advertising Opportunities Contact Kathleen Kenney or Alex Mitchell 

Sponsorship Brochures: STEM (PDF) Marketing (PDF) 5K Race (PDF)
                                        I/ITSEC TV, Bridge Signage and Video Walls (PDF)


Pocket Guide/Tradeshow Map $2,500 Call Out Box Limited Limited Available
Pocket Guide/Tradeshow Map  Back of Guide Ad SOLD  Meta VR
5K Walk, Roll, Run Race $1,000 - $7,500 Various  ASTi (Title Sponsor), Ravenswood (Diamond)
Registration Lobby/Kinkos Internet Cafe $7,500 Available
Onsite Signage  various pricing call for availability 
Beverage Kiosks $2,500 each Available
Veterans @ I/ITSEC $4,000 Available  
International Pavilion $15,000 SOLD Bohemia
International Reception $18,000 2 @ 9k  Available
Lanyards $30,000 SOLD  Cubic
Mobile Applications $10,000 SOLD 

 Booz Allen Hamilton




Speakers Reception $7,500  1 Available  Visit Orlando
Connections Cafe in Exhibit Hall $10,000 Exclusive  Available
Video Walls  Based on Video Limited Availability
I/ITSEC TV  $1,500 Multiple Opportunities Available
Americas Teachers @ I/ITSEC $3,000 8 Available Available
Student Tours $3,000 4 Available Available
Future Leaders Pavilion $500-$5,000 Multiple Opportunities Available
Serious Game Showcase $500-$5,000 Multiple Opportunities



Closing Reception $25,000 1 Co- Sponsor Available Lockheed Martin
Hotel Keys- Rosen Centre $5,000 Available Exclusive
Bridge Signage  $3,500 each Available
Hotel Keys- Hyatt (Host) $10,000 Available Exclusive
Executive Dinner $6,000 (Limited) Availalbe  L-3, Lockheed Martin
Executive Dinner Reception $8,000 Available

Shuttle Bus Marketing $3,000 per route 4 Available Available

Price for bus sponsorship does not include the following costs: Production, materials, taxes, insurance, shipping, installation and removal of graphic signs/headrests. Additional sign production/headrest cost will be quoted upon request.

    Click here for details and to purchase one of the promotions below.      

Enhance eBooth Listing Options*
- Bronze Listing $295
- Silver Listing $495
- Gold Listing $895
Event Map Logo $495
Event Map Banner Ad $395
Mobile App - Push Notifications (1 Alert/Exhibit Day) $1000 5 Available

* Enhanced eBooth listings are nonrefundable once purchased.

Additional Sponsorships
Do you have an idea for a sponsorship? We are open to suggestions, please contact Shannon Burch 
with questions or comments and additional sponsorship suggestions!

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