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OPFOR Solutions Inc. the leading provider of; cultural training apparel and realistic set staging props for Hollywood and Military set staging environments. Located in Los Angeles, CA we manufacture realistic props for mission readiness training exercises.


We are OPFOR Solutions

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  • “In today’s complicated and uncertain world, it is impossible to predict the exact nature of the future conflict that might involve the Armed Forces. So, the U.S. Military must be ready to meet the challenges of any conflict, in all kinds of places, and against all kinds of threats. This is the nature of the contemporary operational environment (COE), and training for such an environment requires a different type of Opposing Force (OPFOR) than that of the past.”


    - Maxie L. McFarland, Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command


    Today’s operating forces must constantly evolve to meet training requirements necessary to fight and win on the battlefield.  Never has blurring the line between simulation and battlefield become a high-priority.  As a result, there is significant emphasis on creating training programs which enable our military forces to train in real world urban environments by providing set designs or Atmospherics modeled for various Areas of Responsibility (AOR) in the specific Contemporary Operating Environment (COE).

    Atmospherics consist of multiple set designs which incorporate indigenous items designed to replicate an AOR with an emphasis on training objectives.   From basic to complex, Atmospheric sets include but are not limited to:  indoor and outdoor marketplaces, faux food and vegetable stands, carts for display and trade, residential homes, hotels, facades, restaurants, drug labs, hospitals and pharmacies, police stations, airport terminals, religious sets and more.

    Delivering Realism Starts with Atmospheric Design

    Creating a realistic training environment starts with extensive research by subject matter experts in cultural aspects, traditions and environments unique to a specific area of operation.   Up until recently, military training environments have focused on replicating the Middle East.  During 2018, OPFOR Solutions, Inc. introduced atmospherics reflective of the North Korea and Africa regions to address modern day threats for the US Marines at Camp Lejune, NC and Bellows, Hawaii.


    The design and procurement of Atmospherics integrates both creativity and functionality to satisfy mission requirements.  Experienced Hollywood set designers with decades of experience in movie sets and cultural realism provide design drawing packages, photos, artist renderings and 3D software models to communicate a visual interpretation for realism.  From specific types of fruits and vegetables to signage and residential living spaces – all sets begin in the design phase to ensure authenticity to a specific region.   

    Realistic Visuals Enhance Training Experience

    How soldiers learn in a pre-deployment environment directly impacts their performance and survivability in the field.  Training of Soldiers becomes more effective through multi-sensory, learner-centric techniques.   Atmospherics must be created to adapt training for visual, auditory and hands-on learners.

    Atmospherics accomplish this goal through two methods:  1) material scouting process and 2) special effects manufacturing process.   

    A multitude of sources exist from which to procure cultural props/items reflective of a specific AOR including retail and online suppliers, cultural shopping districts and manufacturers of military training aids (i.e., inert simulated explosives and demolition, replica military ordnance and munitions, demolition tools & accessories).


    The second method for creating visual impact to enhance the training experience is through special effects techniques.  Experts in sculpting, life-casting, prototyping, model making, taxidermy and more produce highly visual atmospherics (faux people, animals, animal carcasses, human corpses, building structures, weapons, building furnishings, marketplace fruits, vegetables, meats, etc).   Application of faux painting techniques to dry molds and set designs blurs the line between fake and real.

    The end goal is to create atmospheric visuals that appear as realistic as possible in the training environment to help Soldiers face complex emotional or physical responses prior to deployment in the battlefield.  By suspending disbelief that they are not in the real world and triggering these subtle psychological experiences, training is enhanced at a deeper level.  Ultimately, it’s the thing that could prove to be the difference between victory and defeat against opposing forces.

    Immersive Training Goes Beyond Visual Atmospherics


    As previously discussed, training of Soldiers becomes more effective through multi-sensory, learner-centric techniques.   Hyper-immersive environments are created through realistic atmospheric visuals integrated with other sensory effects.


    For example, products exist such as smell generators, smoke generators, spray effects and weather effects to create such an immersive training environment.  Because the human nose is more related to memory than our brains, the sense of smell can act as a catalyst to increase awareness and stimulate action.  A palette of scents exists true to environmental odors unique to a specific AOR (i.e., foods, spices, medical, chemical smells, man-made etc).  Smoke generators which have been rigorously tested to ensure safe and non-flammable use create the look and feel of a battle zone environment.

    A simulated environment which taps into multiple senses and desensitizes the Soldier to unexpected obstacles during training exercises results in a dynamic, results-driven approach.

    Atmospherics Must Survive in Training Environment

    To meet military requirements and specifications for the training environment, one must consider performance parameters such as flexibility, safety, quality/durability, and other environmental factors unique in the specific Contemporary Operating Environment (COE).


    Flexibility is achieved through atmospherics which are designed to be used in multiple or interchangeable applications.  This gives the COE an opportunity to convert an atmospheric set from one cultural environment to another.  For example, a residential living space can easily be changed by altering the pictures of an Islamic or North Korea ruler on the walls.  A store set or area requiring signage can be manufactured as a dual sign which reflects a single Command AOR on one side and a separate Command AOR on the other.  This offers the military an interchangeable and more cost-effective solution.


    Atmospherics must be developed and installed to meet safety features and procedural hazards of live and non-live fire situations which may be present, including specific procedural controls and precautions that should be followed.  This includes providing safe live fire atmospherics or other props that are non-splintering, non-ricocheting, non-fragmenting, and made of materials capable of maintain the physical integrity and safety qualities when shot with all pistol and rifle caliber ammunitions.

    In addition, safety requirements as they pertain to set display items must be taken into consideration to avoid injury during training exercises.  This includes removal of reflective glass on televisions or computer screens or faux medication bottles (void of liquids or pills).


    Atmospherics must provide a balance of (1) high quality materials that are capable of withstanding environmental elements and repeated iterations of training and (2) inexpensive, used, and/or replaceable but viable materials that will create an affordable but believable environment while still meeting the performance specifications.  OPFOR uses a two component, low-density, self-skin and semi flexible foam chemical system called Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam for atmospherics.  It provides minimal water absorption and low vapor permanence to withstand environmental conditions.  All foam items are controlled with the density and firmness based on the degree of mold over packing, temperature and liquid component temperature.

    Often, atmospheric durability is dictated by the weather conditions of the COE.  For example, OPFOR will use silicone to develop the molds for all outdoor atmospheric elements because of its ability to withstand high temperature heat.  Whereas, use of plastic/vinyl materials would result in a complete melt down.  In certain facilities, rodent infestation is a problem which requires atmospherics to be creatively designed and displayed without any soft or cloth material.

    The Ultimate Solution for Battlefield Readiness

    Atmospherics provide a powerful realistic and immersive training environment when aligned with military training objectives and performance specifications.  To further enhance warfighting effectiveness through sustainable training, COE’s should consider the integration of role players dressed in cultural ethnic apparel and opposing forces military uniforms.   Only then does the training environment transform to a greater interactive level in which soldiers learn to identify friend or foe.    OPFOR Solutions provides a wide range of cultural apparel and uniforms manufactured of quality and authentic materials for which no other company delivers when it comes to detail.

    Absence of this aspect in military training could pose a potentially embarrassing occurrence during deployment or worse the loss of unnecessary life due to mistaken identity.  Role players and actors dressed in authentic apparel combined with realistic multi-sensory Atmospherics deliver great impact in war-related movies and television…why shouldn’t these solutions be delivered to those who need it the most?

    For more information, please visit www.opforsolutions.com for our comprehensive catalog offerings of Atmospherics and Cultural Apparel and Uniforms.

  • (Oct 18, 2018)


    OPFOR Solutions Inc. provides Opposing Force Training Aids to the U.S. Department of Defense, & Federal Agencies in support of Homeland Security. Located in Los Angeles, CA OPFOR Solutions innovates, imports, manufactures; Ethnic Apparel, Atmospheric - Props, Set Staging Kits, Inert Products, Medical Simulations used by Security Forces in training to recognize, respond to, and mitigate the threat of Terrorism. Our keen knowledge in the regions of the world we work has helped us develop solutions that answer the needs of today’s clients. These solutions allow our clients to increase cultural awareness, improve operational effectiveness, and help save the lives of our troops. When your threats are foreign, for a department or a brigade our customized solutions are designed to both meet and exceed your training. demands. Regardless of the situation, the safety of your team depends on the quality of your training.

    Our Mission

    OPFOR Solutions Inc. To meet military training objectives by importing, designing, procuring and manufacturing culturally realistic stages, and props in an effort to enhance world-class training environments.

    Atmospheric solutions 
    OPFOR maintains a 7,000 sq ft. warehouse and manufacturing facility in Los Angeles which is home to all design and fabrication of our custom atmospheric/prop solutions.  Our operations and creative team bring more than 30 years of experience in special effects, set displays, graphic design and product development.   From first hand experience with television and movie visual effects to realistic geo-specific environments, OPFOR produces hyper realistic atmospheric props and sets to further enhance the training mission. 

    All atmospheric solutions are procured and designed in accordance with the material specifications needed for longevity and durability within the targeted environment.OPFOR's Material Procurement team coordinates and identifies material items (i.e., furniture, rugs, appliances, signage, visual props) for procurement from local suppliers, cultural related shopping districts and a multitude of other established sources. We are located within a 25 mile radius to the largest prop warehouses in Los Angeles, California enabling us to negotiate and procure items at cost-effective pricing.  

    Apparel Solutions

    OPFOR President and Founder, Moe Noorzai, is a skillful expert in Middle East and Islamic cultures bringing an in-depth understanding of western world cultures and ideology critical to the design of culturally realistic ethnic apparel and prop items.

    OPFOR has imported hundreds of thousands of ethnic apparel from all over the world, in support of training exercises. The best time to receive cultural and language training is during pre-deployment preparations. It is a very important neccessity to the trainees knowledge of local customs and cultural norms. Re-enactment to the nation of deployment is a vital role in preparing men and women in uniform. Therefore supporting these training exercises has been our number one focus. 

    OPFOR’s ethnic apparel offerings currently represent Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Uganda and Columbia.  We have the suppliers and resources needed to expand our ethnic apparel line to other theaters of operations as requested by our clients including North Korea.

    Corporate Classification

    Naics Codes
    ·424990 - Nondurable goods merchant wholesalers*
    ·326150 - Urethane and foam product manufacturing 
    ·332994 -Small arms, ordnance, and accessories 
    ·315220 - Men’s and boys cut and sew apparel 
    ·321991 - Home manufacturing (Mobile Home)
    ·332311 - Metal building & component manufacturing
    ·424330 - Women’s and childrens merchant wholsale
    ·332312 - Fabricated structural metal manufacturing
    ·326199 - All other plastics product manufacturing 
    ·339999 - All other miscellaneous manufacturing
    ·541490 - Other specialized design services
    ·315210 - Cut and swe apparel contractors
    ·448150 - Clothing accessories stores
    ·541490 - Other specialized design servies
    ·332510 - Hardware manufacturing
    ·339950 - Sign Manufacturing

    SBA Small Business
    GSA - GS-07F-052DA
    Duns - 078454062
    Cage Code - 6SUY4


    OPFOR products can be procured through simplified business procurement methods including credit cards, checks, direct deposits, or wire transfers. Payments greater than $10,000 must be made via check. Our exclusive line of training kits can be also be sole sourced. 

    We understand

    As a small business our small team is comprised of dedicated professionals, that will get your work done. That’s why we constantly provide the highest level of customer services and the newest & best products found in todays market. We make sure our clients have the highest quality of training while increasing their operational effectiveness. 

    Our promise

    Our Promise is to provide prompt, responsive, and fair service to our customers while meeting or exceeding quality expectations. We believe so strongly in the quality of our products that we will warranty our static props for up to many years. 

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