FRONTIS Corporation  

Suwon,  Gyeonggi-do 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: 307

Frontis is preparing and evolving the future.

Utilizing VR, AR, and MR, Frontis’s VxR, VxR Platform provide a virtual space that can be repeatedly practiced or trained in any various industries. Frontis develops content and systems which support on-site maintenance. Our technology is capable of recognizing and tracking objects to be repaired directly on-site based on non-marker AR technology. It develops interaction control of API that can process VR Controller and HMD visual information in real time in order to improve the VR experience.

Brands: FRONTIS's VxR, AxR platform offers you a multi-applicable content for education, construction, manufacturing, and any various industries. Our platform will fulfill your demands for your improvement.

 Press Releases

  • The First One!

    The AR-based contents developing a contract has signed for Depot Level!

    Contract Name : AR-based contents development for depot service

    Contracting Authorities : Army Logistics Command of South Korea

    Contracting Period : 10.May.2018 ~ 31.Oct.2018


    On the 4th of May, 2018, FRONTIS recieved a singed contract from the Army Logistics Command for the AR-based depot maintenance contents development project.

    This business will make depot maintenance easier and minimize errors for the suspension system of the armored vehicle, K-21, through FRONTIS AxR Platform.

    FRONTIS established a foundation of high-tech AR based depot maintenance system including various weapon systems; K-9 Propelled Cannon, KUH helicopters, K-21 armored vehicle etc.


    Consultation : ICT Convergence Technical Research Center /  Daniel YJ Kwon /


  • AxR Platform, VxR Platform
    our platform realizes technology that can recognize and track the items to be repaired directly on-site based on AR and VR technology....

  • ㅇ To improve the learning effect of maintenance education by allowing users to take and learn maintenance education anytime and anywhere through contents utilizing virtual reality technology
      ㅇ To create a realistic, three-dimensional view of the subject of maintenance education in 3D form, allowing the user to intuitively grasp and understand the internal structure of the subject and the disassembly and assembly
      ㅇ By adopting the concept of manual, which relies on existing document and video, by adopting augmented reality technology, it has become one-stop that enables education at the same time as actual application. Can provide easy educational content
      ㅇ It is a content area that does not have a complete market expansion, and it can provide optimal education effect by quickly experiencing, acquiring and recognizing maintenance education contents by building a system that faithfully reflects the military maintenance education course
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