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Greetings! If you're looking for Aerial Delivery training solutions, you're right on target!

CAPEWELL AERIAL SYSTEMS IS A GLOBAL LEADER IN AEROSPACE AND LIFE SUPPORT.  We are a respected provider of engineered products for aerial delivery, life support and tactical gear for military, law enforcement and humanitarian agencies worldwide. Founded in 1881, Capewell has thrived by helping customers conceive, engineer, prototype, manufacture and field test products that must perform flawlessly in critical situations.

Brands: Virtual Loadmaster Training System (VLTS), Virtual Reality Aerial Delivery Suite (VRADS)


  • Virtual Loadmaster Training System
    The Virtual Loadmaster Training System (VLTS) is the first aerial delivery simulator developed specifically for Loadmasters. VLTS provide students with experience in airdrop scenarios ranging from normal operations to the most critical emergencies....

  • VLTS is an immersive training aid, giving students a real-time experience in an advanced 3D virtual world that simulates a variety of different aerial delivery scenarios in a safe training environment. The system allows two students to train simultaneously, acting as both the primary and secondary loadmasters. The instructor can control environmental conditions, inject malfunctions and debrief the student using the after-action replay (AAR) and auto-generated assessment report. All communications between the students and instructor are also recorded and saved with the AAR for debrief.

    Key Features

    • Pre-flight Inspections
    • Low Level Gravity Extraction
    • Heavy Equipment Extraction
    • Container Delivery System
    • Crew Resource Management
    • Small Footprint

    Each training scenario is based on standard checklist use that loadmasters will follow to interact with the aircraft and equipment in the same way as an actual flight. Instructors can communicate with students via intercom and   act in all crewmember roles to provide realistic feedback during each procedure.

    Emergency Procedures

    • Hung Load
    • Losse Platform
    • Towed Jumper
    • Faulty Rail Locks
    • Onboard / Engine Fire

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