Virtual Motion Labs  

Dallas,  TX 
United States
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Virtual Motion Labs - Data Glove Manufacturer.

Virtual Motion Labs is the global leader in professional, adaptive data gloves for Virtual Reality, Simulation and Motion Capture Applications. VML’s products includes four different data glove solutions – the 8 sensor VMG 8™, 13 sensor VMG 13™, 30 sensor VMG 30™ and the 35 sensor VMG 35 Plus™ (Haptic). VML also provides both software and a VMG™ software development kit (SDK) which produces detailed finger, hand and arm movement allowing users to interact with their virtual environment in real-time.

Virtual Motion Labs data gloves can be used in many different applications, from robotics to animation, virtual reality, innovative games, rehabilitation and much more. 

Brands: VMG 13, VMG 30 and VMG 35 Plus Data Gloves


  • VMG 35 Plus (Haptic) Glove
    The VMG 35 Plus™ is a complete haptic glove solution!...

  • The VMG 35 Plus™ is a complete haptic glove solution!

    The VMG 35 Plus™ system includes the 30 sensor VMG 30™ data glove plus 5 vibro-tactile actuators - one on each finger -  letting the user "feel" their virtual environment.

    All vibro-tactile actuators are embedded inside of the glove for form and function.

    Each actuator can be individually programmed to vary the force / touch sensation.

  • VMG 30 Data Glove
    The wireless, Bluetooth, 30 sensor VMG 30™ data glove!...

  • The wireless, Bluetooth, 30 sensor VMG 30™ data glove meets the needs of the virtual reality, motion capture and animation industry.

    Featuring a new streamlined, professional design that allows for wireless mobility, the VMG 30™ really delivers!

    The VMG 30™ data glove system provides up to 30 high-accuracy joint-angle measurements.

    Using bend sensor technology the VMG 30™ accurately transforms finger and hand motion into real time data with absolutely no magnetic interference.

    The VMG 30™ can be used in a wide variety of applications including virtual reality, motion capture, animation, robotics and medical.

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