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Gladesville,  NSW 
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The creators of SimStack, an innovative, flexible and scalable solution for Simulator I/O hardware.

Simulator Solutions have developed SimStack – a hardware interface system designed to connect hardware directly to simulator software without complex or destructive modifications.  SimStack is a cost effective, modular and scalable solution designed to work with simulators across all fields.

Simulator Solutions have more than 20 years of experience providing innovative hardware solutions and services to the simulation industry.

Simulator Solutions specialise in providing an upgrade path for outdated, unreliable and expensive infrastructure.

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 Press Releases

  • Simulator Solutions have launched a three new hardware products at IITSEC 2018:

    • SimStack Synchro - Providing support for synchros and resolvers
    • SimStack Power Monitoring - Monitoring current and voltage in simulator power busses
    • SimControl - A fully customisable web interface providing visibilty of simulator systems

    Simulator Solutions are also delighted to announce that their SimStack hardware is now compatible with Bihrle Applied Research Inc's DSix flight model development and host software.  The launch customer for this new interface is Off Planet Simulation and their new Dauphin AS365 N3 multi-crew helicopter simulator.

    SimStack provides a comprehensive hardware I/O solution that complements the sophistication found within DSix flight and system model simulation.

    The SimStack hardware interface provides a new level of flexibility for Simulator Builders, especially those who want to harness the use of genuine parts.  SimStack can interface directly with OEM hardware without the need for time consuming and expensive modifications.  Being able to use the genuine hardware greatly improves the realism of the simulator and also reduces build time.

    SimStack communicates Ethernet utilising Simulator Solutions SimStack Switch software that translates hardware movement into the specific variables that underlying simualtor systems like DSix requires.  The use of Ethernet communications removes distance limitations found with traditional hardware and results in a single Ethernet cable being used to connect hardware to software.

    SimStack was designed from the ground up to be a comprehensive input/output solution for simulators of all types, shapes and sizes.

    Some of the features of SimStack include:

    • scalable and simple stackable design
    • flexible enough to adapt to all input / output challenges
    • flexible voltage support with high current capacity
    • able to support real world and replica components with no modifications
    • Ethernet connectivity with an onboard processor

    For more information about SimStack please drop by Booth 419 or visit the Simulator Solutions website at:

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