Battlespace Simulations, Inc.

New Braunfels,  TX 
United States
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Welcome! BSI is pleased to announce the newest MACE release (2017R1) is now available.

BSI's MACE (Modern Air Combat Environment) is a physics-based, full spectrum Computer Generated /Semi-Automated Forces (CGF/SAF) application with a large and user-extensible order of battle, capable of many-on-many simulation yet having very high fidelity at the engagement level.  MACE can simulate advanced, 5th generation systems including low observable platforms and Active and Passively Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESA and PESA radar) as well as highly contested battlespaces including full integrated air defense systems (IADS).  MACE is a CAF-DMO certified CGF/SAF.

Brands: Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) Viper DIS Radio DIScord DIS Recorder Device Simulation Container (DSC) Virtual SA-8