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Nusura, Inc and ATS LLC bring industry-leading of the Info Environment via SimulationDeck & EDMSIM.

Two companies deliver military-grade disaster constructive modeling and simulation capabilities from Applied Training Solutions, LLC's Emergency and Disaster Management Simulator (EDMSIM).  Nusura, Inc's SimulationDeck brings internatinally-recognized social media simulation.  These solutions are now available to all military, civilian, nongovernmental and commercial entities under a new Department of Defense (DOD) contracting vehicle via USNORTHERN Command.  The two technologies make disaster and crisis training exercises more realistic, engaging and effective. Any defense organization, commercial entity, or local, state or federal agency can now access leading constructive modeling and simulation capabilities for exercises – EDMSIM and SimulationDeck – individually or as a bundled package

Brands: SimulationDeck, Emergency & Disaster Management Simulation (EDMSIM), Consequence Management Staff Trainer (CMST), Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) Tool.

 Press Releases

  • DENVER -- In the wake of Harvey, Texans are turning to social media like Facebook and Twitter to round up volunteers and ask for help.

    "My family is still waiting for a water rescue in the attic, they can't get to roof! 6606 Reamer St. Houston, TX 77074 Please RT," @AlyxandriaErryn tweeted on Aug. 27. The tweet was shared more than 33,000 times.

    Other people have used Facebook to organize search groups:

    "SERIOUS HELP W/ THIS ONE !!ADDRESS: 7206 Augustine Drive, 77036. NAME: Rhonda & 713-272-9707# of people: 5 ITS A GROUP HOME w/ disable residents! (Residential property) One of the moms of boys in the group home gave me the info and her son name is Cortney Nelson PLEASE SHARE," Tasia Calvert posted to the Facebook group “Hurricane Harvey Search and Rescue.”

    Few people know the power of social media in emergencies better than former FEMA public affairs officer, Mark Amann.  Eight years ago, he founded Nusura, an emergency response firm that trains organizations on how to manage a crisis when it goes viral.  He saw its need following the Virginia Tech Shooting when college kids used Facebook to share both their own and the shooter's locations.  

    At the time, law enforcement new little about the social media site.

    "We saw that online media, social media, [was] playing an increasingly-important role in emergencies and really had the potential to help first responders save lives," Amann said.

    Using a tool called SimulationDeck, his team creates a mock emergency, then uses simulated digital platforms like Bleater (think Twitter), Simtube (like YouTube) and Simdeck TV News to mirror the real online platforms.

    "They walk in blind, they have no idea what's going on just like real world," said Nusura's, Tak Landrock, of their clients. "They sit down and log onto this computer and bam, something goes on social media."

  • Emergency Disaster Management Simulation (EDMSIM)is the most comprehensive training solution for
    emergency response and crisis rehearsal training. Local, state, and federal agencies, as well as a broad range of emergency management staff in a variety of sectors and industries rely on EDMSIM to improve communications, refine contingency plans and procedures, and enhance performance. EDMSIMprovides a realistic way to portray a natural or manmade scenario and rehearse the response. EDMSIM is an Emergency and Disaster Management software simulation program that provides interactive digital tabletop exercises that realistically account for time, space, and resources available. EDMSIM is flexible, scalable, and allows for multiple agencies, organizations, or companies to interact and assess their response capabilities. EDMSIM’s unique features include ESRI integration, Geographic InformationSystem (GIS) mapping, a generic emergency creation tool, Master Scenario Events Lists (MSEL), a configurable database, VOIP radio, After Action Review (AAR) and assessment tools, and multi-lingual capabilities. EDMSIM is fully equipped to handle the disaster preparedness needs of government agencies and commercial industries that require highly scalable simulation and rehearsal capabilities


    Consequence Management Staff Trainer (CMST) is an interactive, web-based staff trainer. It is used by commercial, government and military organizations to prepare for a wide range of natural and man-made emergencies. Focused on smaller strategic, operational and tactical level procedures, CMST supports the training and exercising of decision making by individuals at all levels as well as Incident Management Team decisions.
    The tool supports the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) methodology. CMST is a
    “must have” tool that helps organizations affordably meet all current and future government mandated
    requirements. CMST offers customizable training scenarios, testing and improving trainees’ decision-making processes with an increased level of realism. Users can progressively expand the scope of the training exercises to multi-shift or even multi-day sessions to meet time and information constraints. CMST is a low-cost training aid,with round-the-clock accessibility --available from anywhere-- providing the most realistic training available. It reduces training times, and thereby reduces costs with seamless functionality. CMST is the definitive tool for civilian and government organizations needing to improve their emergency training capabilities and increase staff readiness across entire units and organizations.