ZedaSoft, Inc.

Fort Worth,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 1873

ZedaSoft is excited to demo its Mockingbird™ RPA/UAS Reconfigurable Software in Booth 1873.

ZedaSoft® provides agile, innovative and reconfigurable simulation solutions.  The ZedaSoft CBA® software simulation engine allows our customers to reliably integrate diverse software inputs, quickly develop custom entities, and maintain robust core engine functionality.  MiLTOC®, a CBA feature, allows for a real-time transfer from constructive simulation to advanced 1st person virtual environments.  ZedaSoft offers operating consoles, reconfigurable desktops and fully immersive VR solutions.

Brands: Mockingbird™ RPA/UAS Reconfigurable Software, Container Based Architecture-CBA® for Simulation Software, Reconfigurable Cockpit/Desktop Systems, MiLToC® (Man-in-Loop Transfer-of-Control)