TEC Simulation

United States
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TEC Simulation builds high quality awareness sensor models and a distributed IO system.

Today’s pilots have to contend with a large variety of awareness sensors for storms, traffic, lightning, terrain and flight restrictions.  They must be trained to process such a myriad of data. TEC Simulation  can bring these models to the training world so pilots will best know how to use these tools. 

Brands: IOBytes I/O system, XM weather, GWX-68 weather radar, ADS-B, FIS-B, G1000 and G600 Upgrades, GDL-69, GRS-77, GDC-74A, GDL-88, GNS-430W/530W, GMX-200

 Press Releases

  • TEC Simulation produces high quality sensor models such weather radar and ADS-B plus avionics upgrades to existing simulators.  In addition TEC Simulation offers a line of truely distibutes I/O devices.  Called IOBytes this data acquisition system is designed specifically for the reduction of cost and discrete wiring while increasing flexibility and signal quality.  IOBytes is perfect for adding a system to an existing trainer when the current I/O system just can't handle the increased demand. With IOBytes, we can configure one module to deal with these different inputs and outputs without needing several requirement interfaces. One system that can take a large bite out of your problem with minimal effort.  Read me on the IOBytes website - www.tec-devices.com