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INOVEX Simulation & Training

Highly experienced, qualified and motivated teams of professionals, cutting edge-technologies and an entrepreneurial approach to business leading to maximum benefits for our client’s investments into their Simulation & Training assets.

Founded in 1996, INOVEX is a well-established, pure-play Simulation & Training Company with a focus on solutions for Land-based Security & Defence Domains.

INOVEX is a Swiss Company headquartered in Baar, with offices and operations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, with a growing business footprint in the USA.

Brands: Electronic Blanks (E-blanks). Full range of solutions across the Live, Virtual, Constructive and eTraining Simulation Domains.

 Press Releases

  • Developed and manufactured in Norway, distributed exclusively by Swiss-based INOVEX Simulation and Training, E-Blanks is a patented training system that realistically simulates the sound, recoil and muzzle flash of ammunition. Currently available for AR-15 type weapons, it can easily be further developed for other weapon types on demand.

    Easy to use and robust, the system uses advanced electronics to achieve its purpose – to provide a credible, realistic environment for training weapons engagement skills without the need for the extensive infrastructure or safety requirements that come with the use of live and blank ammunition. Developed with military standards and behaviour in mind, it provides training capability exactly where and when the operator requires it: weapon conversion (E-blanks uses the trainee’s own service weapon – form, fit and function remain unchanged) takes less than 2 minutes per weapon.

    Components include the main module, housed in the magazine, the recoil module in the bolt-slide area and a muzzle flash simulator. Charging stations capable of simultaneously charging multiple magazines are available.

    Key user benefits include: trainees use their own service weapon; safe use in environments inappropriate or potentially hazardous for the use of live and/or blank ammunition; system is reconfigurable with regard to ammunition count, stoppages and reloading drills; minimal wear and tear means more time can be spent training; compatible with existing Live Simulation Tactical Engagement systems; environmentally friendly – reduces the administrative and logistics burden associated with ammunition handling and control.

    In addition to the training benefits, E-blanks also offers potentially significant resource and cost savings compared to live and blank ammunition:

    • A one-time investment gives operators almost unlimited training opportunities with no extra costs;
    • Using E-blanks significantly reduces ammunition expenditure for both Individual and collective training: a single magazine has an estimated, total battery lifespan of 150,000 rounds;
    • Return-on-investment breakeven point for E-blanks will usually be in the first two years after procurement and acceptance into service.