Exhibitor Schedule / Exhibit Hall Information

All I/ITSEC 2017 Exhibit and Conference Activities will be located in the SOUTH Concourse of the OCCC unless otherwise noted. Exhibitor registration hours will coincide with exhibit move-in hours and will open daily at 0730 during exhibit hours.

Age Restrictions: Ages twelve through fifteen are allowed on the floor during exhibit hours only and only with a parent or chaperone; children under twelve will not be granted access at any time. Youth must remain with their chaperone and students will be required to provide student ID. No one under the age of 16 will be allowed access to the exhibit hall during set up/removal periods.

Exhibitor Move In

Wednesday  22 November   0800-1700

800 Sq ft and above (Direct Freight Only)

Thursday  23 November  0800-1700

Thanksgiving (US),  Dark Day

Friday  24 November   0800-1700 400 Sq ft and above
Saturday  25 November  0800-1700 General Move In
Sunday  26 November   0800-1700 General Move In
Monday  27 November  0800-Noon 10x10's (permission required)

Exhibit Hall Hours

Monday   27 November  1400-1800 Exhibit Hall Open
Tuesday  28 November  1200-1830 Exhibit Hall Open
Tuesday  28 November  1700-1830 Exhibitor Networking Event
Wednesday  29 November  0930-1800 Exhibit Hall Open
Thursday  30 November  0930-1500 Exhibit Hall Open

Exhibitor Move Out

Thursday  30 November  1500-1900  Exhibitor Move Out
Friday  01 December  0800-1400  Exhibitor Move Out

Show Colors:
Aisle carpet color will be Blue/Black Speckled

Backwall Drape will be Blue/White/Black alternating panels
Siderail Drape will be Blue

OCCC Shipping Direct Address*:
I/ITSEC 2017
c/o BredeAllied Exposition Services
Orange County Convention Center
9899 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819

*Please be sure to include booth name/number.
*Shipments will be received starting November 24, 2017

NTSA Exhibit Contact

Debbie Langelier,CEM
Assistant Vice President


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