2012 I/ITSEC


Exhibitor Hospitality Night, Tuesday 1700- 1830
I/ITSEC 2012 will again host Exhibitor Hospitality Night, Tuesday, December 4 through out the Exhibit Halls. Exhibitors will provide drinks and/or food inside their exhibit space for attendees visiting the exhibit floor. NTSA will publish participants on the exhibits website, via email communications to our visitor database, in the show catalog and onsite. Come join exhibitors and celebrate tastes from their home land!

Submittals received after October 12, 2012 will only be listed onsite via signage at the entrance to Exhibit Halls. Submit questions to Samantha Riemer at sriemer@ndia.org or via fax 703-243-1659. 

Innovation Showcase
We are excited to offer the Innovation Showcase again for I/ITSEC 2012. The showcase will allow attendees to hear about the latest technology from the exhibiting companies. Attendees, please check back regularly for update schedules of the Innovation Showcase to plan your time in the Exhibit Hall.

Exhibitors, if you are interested in participating in the Innovation Showcase for I/ITSEC 2012, we will take reservations on a first come first serve basis once the schedule is announced. Submit questions to Samantha Riemer at sriemer@ndia.org or via fax 703-243-1659.


NTSA's Annual Simulation & Training Trends and Technology Review & I/ITSEC Exhibitor Directory)
The yearbook's editorial content is originally published in the December Issue of NDIA's National Defense Magazine, then reprinted and combined with the I/ITSEC Exhibitor Guide for distribution at I/ITSEC.  So when you advertise, your company's advertisement will appear in two publications for one price.

The NTSA Yearbook will be available to all the attendees, exhibitors, and exhibit visitors at I/ITSEC at no cost. It will be placed in the attendees' conference bags, available at registration, and other locations at the convention center. Contact
Dino Pignotti or via phone at 703-247-2541.

I/ITSEC Show Daily
Another chance to have your company ad seen by I/ITSEC attendees and exhibitors is the I/ITSEC Show Daily. The Show Daily is distributed through the exhibit hall, meeting rooms, publication bins and the first thing every morning in the three primary hotels. Contact
Dino Pignotti or via phone at 703-247-2541. 

I/ITSEC Website "Banner" Ad
Show your company's support for I/ITSEC while getting your company's message out to the thousands of web-visitors at the same time. Contact
Dino Pignotti or via phone at  703-247-2541.

Dino Pignotti, VP of Advertising

Debbie Dyson, Director of Exhibits & Sponsorships

If you are a member of the press/media or you are an exhibitor and have questions about the media presence at I/ITSEC. Please contact John Williams at
jwilliams@ndia.org or via cell at 703-362-7005.

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