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OBW Notice from RADM James Robb, President, NTSA
Let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for your tireless efforts that make Operation Blended Warrior (OBW) such a success. This virtual consortium has made great strides in executing the OBW research agenda focused on integration challenges.   Over the course of the past three years of OBW, 67 organizations have participated and collaborated on creating complex LVC environments on the I/ITSEC exhibit floor.  The topic of LVC remains of high interest and while much has been accomplished, we must continue to find innovative ways to bring LVC to the force.  OBW has been and will remain one of my prime objectives to convert OBW into a persistent sandbox for government and industry to develop, test, innovate and integrate.
NAWCTSD and PEO STRI are working to institutionalize OBW as a living lab accessible to the community.  For the last three years, NAWCTSD has provided the majority of the technical talent and resources to support the OBW mainframe.  For 2018, we need to divert these resources to the task of standing up the persistent lab.  For that reason, we will take a tactical pause from OBW on the I/ITSEC exhibit floor in its previous configuration and transition our presence to reflect the offsite capabilities. 
The OBW mission will endure as we continue to attack the LVC integration problem set, and is evolving into something greater.  Here are some of the activities we are planning for 2018:

• Convene a 90-minute I/ITSEC Special Event panel session to highlight and educate the audience on key LVC concepts, address OBW lessons learned, explore areas of LVC not yet addressed, and introduce NAWCTSD’s LVC test bed
• Create a small OBW booth with the primary purpose to further educate I/ITSEC attendees on relevant LVC topics and highlight LVC challenges and advancements
• Collect videos from past OBW participants to showcase LVC capabilities (to be shown in OBW booth)
• Create a schedule of LVC events at participating booths and direct attendees to those exhibitors
• Sponsorships will be made available to previous participants first and will be made available to all LVC organizations

Once you have contracted for your I/ITSEC ’18 booth, you will be given the opportunity to enter your organization’s profile and those noted with LVC capabilities/events will be directed to enter an LVC capability profile at an alternate website.  This will help to create the schedule/catalog of LVC focused exhibit booths.
Please stay tuned for additional information as logistics are confirmed and updates become available!  Please feel free to contact me personally at jrobb@ndia.org or Debbie Langelier at dlangelier@ndia.org with good ideas and questions.

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